Ferrari Versus Beetle: Are You Kidding Me?

July 29, 2006 – 10:29 am by Dan Volkens
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It’s a drag race between a Ferrari and and old school Beetle. The Beetle is obviously tricked out because it keeps up with the Ferrari, and looks like it actually beats it.

We were sent this video courtesy of Moises Kirsch, one of our readers. Thanks Moises!

* Update: I just took a closer look at the numbers near the end of the video, and they don’t lie. It looks like the Beetle pulled a 12.5-something and the Ferrari did 14.9-something. WOW!

Ferrari VS Beetle

You gotta think though, only doing a 14.9 sec. quarter in a Ferrari is pretty sucky actually. But even so, the Beetle still rocks faces.

Dan Volkens

Ferrari Versus Beetle: Are You Kidding Me?
July 29, 2006 – 10:29 am by Dan Volkens

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12 Responses to “Ferrari Versus Beetle: Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. DUDE – I wanna know what’s under the hood of that Beetle….

    By Mrad on Jul 29, 2006 | Reply
  2. You can “transplant” an old porsche’s (911) engine in these old beetles.

  3. Hahaha… did you have any doubt that the Beetle would win that one? Herbie represent!

    By Beckers on Jul 29, 2006 | Reply
  4. While you could transplant a 911 engine, that would be nuts… the amount of work would be insane, and very, very expensive. It is totally posible to get a Beetle in the 12′s with VW aftermarket parts, using a traditional VW flat-4 engine.

    In fact, you can order a pre-assembled crate engine with close to 200hp, bolt it in, tweak your suspension, and get close to those results. The reason? The car only weighs about 1800 lbs. Pretty good power-to-weight ratio: better than a Ferrari.

    Fun stuff.

  5. Unbelievable, that can’t be a Beetle engine under the hood/boot!

  6. I luvs me some old skool beetle action, but c’mon. The beetle is obviously hot rodded. Combine that with the fact that Ferrari’s aren’t exactly built for drag racing, and assuming this one was probably stock, and you have an easy win for the bug.

    By John B on Aug 1, 2006 | Reply
  7. Pretty cool, but I bet this new Beetle would destroy both of those cars in a street race. (Its street legal, and a hybrid)

    By Brad D. on Aug 17, 2006 | Reply
  8. Dan Volkens

    Hahahahah yes, the Jet Beetle! Good call bringing that, Brad. :D Love that thing.

  9. Here’s the thing about drag racing: one car’s performance doesn’t affect the other’s.

    So look at the times here:

    Beetle: 12.5 That’s pretty damn good! Obviously tricked way out. A stock Beetle wouldn’t get to 60mph in 12.5s, or even in the 1/4 mile distance (yeah, their 1/4 mile times were less than their 0-60 times!)

    Ferrari: 14.9 Sorry, I’m not a Ferrari guy and I can’t tell what kind that is, but that’s about right for some models. A stock Mustang GT will beat them in the 1/4 mile.

    For what it’s worth these guys are running a metric system. That doesn’t affect times, but the speeds are in km/h:
    173.2 km/h = 107.6 mph
    152.9 km/h = 95.0 mph

    By LeadSlinger on Dec 27, 2006 | Reply
  10. well guys here in south africa ive seen betles run in the 13 even to the low down 12 ,, only once did it have a tweaked out flat 4 motor !!! the rest was all !!! rotory motor driven !!! go mazda .. i am currently conferting my beetle to a 16 valve cvh ford motor !!! its going to be wicked and i am in the process of sourcing a turbo for it !!! so yeah that would be great

    any comments or ideas let me know [email protected]

    By Jay South africa on May 27, 2007 | Reply
  11. The pavement looks wet in sections. The bug managed to warm up his tires. The Ferrari doesn’t look like it was really bagged. Could be sand bagging. Forget the Porsche engine in a bug. Not necessary. 200hp 2380cc crate engine does the job. All you need is a strong Kennedy clutch to handle all that power.

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