How To: Keep Your Sunroof Drains Flowing Well

July 31, 2007 – 8:30 am by Dan Volkens
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Not keeping your sunroof drains flowing will result in a wet, stinky interior and a hefty repair bill.

Checking and clearing your sunroof drains is a really easy How To. Anybody with a sunroof SHOULD do this on a regular basis. I recommend checking your sunroof drains each time you either wash your car or clean the interior.

It cost me $119

and some change to have the drains cleared and the carpet in my passenger side footwell cleaned up. Now, I know that one can clear a clogged drain by running a flexible rod or something similar down through the drain. Personally I didn’t want to deal with it. And making a mistake, like puncturing the drain line or accidentally disconnecting it, entails tearing apart the interior to fix. On the bright side, I had them do the brake light switch recall while I was there.

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Step 1: Locate Drains

Locate the drain holes and the nipples. (hehe) There are a total of four drains, two front, two rear. The front drains empty out inside of each front door jam as you can see in the photo below. The rear drains empty out inside of the rear bumper (on most MkIV models). To check the rears, you will need to reach up inside of the extreme lefthand and righthand sides of the bumper and feel your way around.

Drain Nipple
Sunroof Drain Locations

Drain holes
Sunroof Drain Locations

Step 2: Check Drains for Cloggage

You can clear most of the gunk and garbage out of each drain by squeezing, twisting, and performing any other questionable action on each drain nipple. I would not recommend biting it because as you squeeze it, dust, debris and/or water (if it was slightly clogged) will fall out of the drain. (Man, this How To is going downhill fast lol)

Clearing Sunroof Drains

Step 3: Test Drainage Ability

Once you have sufficiently cleared each drain, grab a small glass of water (only a small amount of water is needed, like a 1/4 cup) and slowly… sloooowwwlllyy… pour the water down each drain to see if it flows freely out of the nipples.

Sunroof Drain Test

Sunroof Drain Working

Step 4: Do Your Happy Dance

If the drains worked in testing, you should be good to go. Doing this on a regular basis should help avoid any interior water leakage. If the front drains are clogged, typically they leak down the bottom sides of the dash and onto the footwells. If the rears clog, you’ll see water damage all over your C pillars and roof. Thankfully, the fronts clog more often than not.

If this is the first time you’re doing this, and your ride isn’t relatively new, I would recommend doing this How To and having it checked out at your local dealer or shop. The peace of mind is worth it.

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Dan Volkens

How To: Keep Your Sunroof Drains Flowing Well
July 31, 2007 – 8:30 am by Dan Volkens

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240 Responses to “How To: Keep Your Sunroof Drains Flowing Well”

  1. Nice post/ how-to! Lotsa peeps have this issue and don’t know where to start or how easy it really is.

    Also, if you do have clogs and get it washed out, you could follow up with a safe solution of outdoor bleach/water, just to sanitize/clean the residue.

    * wrap the hell out of your interior/exterior with towels etc. I have black carpet and I’d leap if I got a spec of bleach on it..

    ** i am not responsible if you do get bleach on something. this is just a suggestion! ;)

  2. oh and print function is very nice!

  3. Dan Volkens

    RIght on oneighturbo, except I would freak over my black interior as well. lol :D

  4. I had slacked off on clearing the front drain ends, for a long time. I drive a 2002 Jetta TDI Wagon.
    Last year, mine overflowed from rain water, and it dripped out of the Make-Up Mirror (vanity mirror)
    above the passenger’s side sun visor. The bottom of the drain tube (nipple) was just stuck closed.
    The headliner in that area was pretty wet. No permanent ill effects thus far. Larry

    By Larry on Aug 19, 2007 | Reply
  5. Oops, edit — I meant to say, the water dripped out of the Light fixture (festoon light) that’s above the visor/mirror, passenger’s side. Sorry for any confusion; Larry

    By Larry on Aug 19, 2007 | Reply
  6. Dan Volkens

    Hey Larry, yeah, that’s another odd place for the leakage to occur, but the tubing for the drain runs right past that area. Hopefully you don’t have any mold or mildew!

  7. Dax,
    Dude, this is the best site I found about this problem. I can find the Niplets by the front door for the front drains, but cant find the Niplets for the rear drains. I have a 2006 VW Golf, 4 DR. Any pointers on where to look? I’ve been under that car many times, but cant find the Niplets.

    Thanks Man.

  8. Dan Volkens

    Hey Madman, thanks! The rear drain nipples are inside of the bumper. You have to reach your arm up underneath and inside of it, kinda near the left and right corners of the bumper respectively. When you reach in, try to keep your hand near the front of the bumper, so that your hand is on the bumper shell and not behind the actual bumper bar/mechanism thingy.

  9. thanks! i have an 03 jetta and i squeezed this nipple and chunks came out and almost a quarter cup of water! thanks so much for this blog!!!! i really didn’t want to have to take it in the dealership for them to fix everything else except for the problem i initially went in for. hopefully this is is because everything seems to match exactly what you’re explaining.

    By nl on Dec 16, 2007 | Reply
  10. VW should be ashamed for not warning its customers that this problem WILL occur with time. My 03 jetta wagon started dripping water through the light fixture about a year ago. Thought it was a bad seal on the sunroof and would require an expensive trip to the dealership. But after reading this and other forums ( and, I went out and squeezed the front driver and passenger nipples. Sure enough, wet gunk came out followed by the remaining water from the rain tray. I’m sooo happy.

    By Nipple Squeeze on Dec 19, 2007 | Reply
  11. I have a 2001 Jetta with a sunroof, with the same problem lots of folks have noted — wet or submerged carpets after a rain. I read various web speculations on the cause, and saw some really great pictures of the sunroof drain entry and exit points. So, I poured water in the sunroof drain and sure enough water comes out the nipples above the front door hinge. However, on the passenger side I saw some water spill out from the right side of the glove compartment and run down to the floor carpeting — a sucess for any water leak detective! I suspect this is how lots of water has been getting in my front passenger foot well, and from there somehow sloshing to the back passenger foot well.

    So, I figure the drain hose is either partly disconnected or has a hole in it. I pulled back some of the interior molding next to the right side of the windshield, and found the drain hose. When I again poored some water in from the sunroof drain hole, I could feel some of it coming down the channel around the drain hose. This VW drain hose would be very time consuming to replace, involving removal of the glove box and probably much more.

    My solution was simple. I went to the hardware store and bought 7 feet of 1/4 inch flexible plastic tubing to run through the existing hose from the top drain hole down through the nipple at the door hinge. To seal the hose at at the top of the drain, I bought a 1/4″ compression sleeve that slides into the hose end and has a rim to keep it from sliding all the way in. I put a washer under this rim, put some superglue on the compression sleeve to ensure it stays in the hose, and caulked under the washer before pushing it into the drain hole It fit perfectly. Don’t pull the hose tight from the botton end, just get it close. Then just push it the last half inch or so and let the caulk make the seal.

    The hose went in pretty smoothly, except when it got to the nipple near the door hinge. I pryed the rubber nipple out of the body panel with a screw driver, and either at that time or earlier the original VW hose disconnected from the nipple. My new hose then pushed right through and I slid it through the nipple about 6 inches, and refit the nipple into the body. This job was surprisingly easy, and only cost $6 in supplies plus a trip to the hardware store.

    Since I know this has been a big issue for dozens of VW owners on the internet, and probably hundreds or thousands who haven’t complained on the web, I took some pictures to add to the knowledge on this subject.

    I should note that from my reading on this, it seems some people have wet rugs caused by problems other than sunroof drains. These other problems may include a cracked cowel outside in front of the windshield, or maybe a bad seal on a pollen filter on the driver’s side behind the battery. So, the fix above may fix your problem if you have a damaged or disconnected sunroof drain hose (or clogged drain), but there could be other problems like the two I just mentioned. I can tell you that I proved my drain hose was leaking into the car, even though a lot of water was also getting all the way through the hose and through the nipple. Maybe that’s part of the reason people think the’ve eliminated a possible problem when they haven’t. Usually, if some water is being diverted to the interior, but not all, it will not be noticable (drips within the door frame and under the rug).

    Maybe if I email my picturess to Dax he’ll post them.

    By George on Jan 6, 2008 | Reply
  12. I poured water down the front passenger drain of my 02 Jetta and not one drop came out of the drain end…instead I watched it leak down from under the glove compartment and onto the floorboard. I squeezed the nipple but nothing came out. Any ideas on something safe to try and snake up it to remove what’s blocking the tube? I don’t want to puncture the tube or disconnect it, but I also don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount to have a repairman do it and I don’t want to wake up another morning with my floorboards flooded. Thanks in advance for any help :)

    By annieb on Jan 9, 2008 | Reply
  13. Dan Volkens

    Hey Annieb, yep sounds like your drains are clogged pretty well. Maybe you could try some really long pipe cleaners (if ones that are long enough even exist… I’m not sure) but you need to be very careful. I don’t think the tubing is so fragile that it would be easy to puncture. It might be. What I’d be more worried about is disconnecting a section while putting force on the tube to clear the clog.

  14. Thanks Dax for the response. I started to wonder, if it was actually clogged, wouldn’t the water back up through the pipe and into the car through the ceiling?? The water was dripping out under the dash. So I pulled the nipple off to confirm my suspicion that the hose had actually disconnnected altogether from the nipple and the water just ran into the insides of the frame and into the car. Felt around and couldn’t grab the drain tube through that hole in the door…so I ran some plastic tubing down through the sunroof drain, fished it out the other end where the drain nipple had been, finally grabbed the main tube and reconnected it to the nipple and poked the nipple (ha) back in the door. Checked the other drains and they were flowing well out the other ends, so hopefully this fixes the problem, and I can have a dry Jetta from now on. I’m actually pretty f-in proud of myself too…I’m 23 and female and my usual solution to car problems is a trip to the dealership and a lot of swearing and paying my right arm for minor repairs. So needless to say I REALLY appreciate the advice on this page, you saved me some $ and frustration this week and hopefully from now on!

    By annieB on Jan 11, 2008 | Reply
  15. Dan Volkens

    Heck yeah annieB! Congratulations on the repair, great job. :]

  16. Where are the from nipples on a Beetle? They are not in the door near the hinge. I have heard two different things from two different vw dealers. One says they are under the vehichle but they dont know where and the other says they are under the plastic piece that covers the guts under the wiper arms? PLEASE HELP

    By Curtis on Jan 12, 2008 | Reply
  17. Dan Volkens

    Hey Curtis, never fear! I have found a how-to on cleaning the drains over at, so that should show you the location of the drain exits. Check it out here. Let me know if that helps!

  18. My problem seems to be worse then everyone else’s.. i have an 03′ jetta… i noticed that my front foot wells were soaked! a friend of mine (who works oncars for a living) took off the panel onthe inside and detemined that the drainage tubes must be off simply b/c the water was going between the panel and the door frame and going underneath all padding and carpeting… well, he fixed that, but now my back passenger footwell is soaked! why is that? can that be a result of the back tubes being clogged? there are no water stains on the interior showing where it is coming from, it’s just on the floor… please help me…

    By kim on Jan 18, 2008 | Reply
  19. Think i’m having the same problem as kim. I have an 02 golf, rear passenger footwell swimming (3inches of water!) and now the fronts wet as well. I’ve uncolgged the front drainage tubes (I think) and now gonna pull my sleeves up to check the rear ones (now i can find them thanks to this site!) If only it would stop raining so i can get a proper look… here goes..

    By jan on Jan 19, 2008 | Reply
  20. ok. I’ve found the rear one’s and they were ok. Would just one clogged passenger side tube cause so much water in rear footwell? I also have no evidence of where water coming from, just a soaking floor. I’ll see what happens. Thanks for the great advise, really helpfull

    By jan on Jan 19, 2008 | Reply
  21. Dan Volkens

    Hey Kim and Jan, that is an odd problem for the rear footwells to fill up. Typically if the rear drains clog, the water ends up leaking onto the roof fabric and related areas. But I think it is possible for it to run down into the footwells too. The only way to tell if they’re clogged or disconnected is to run a little bit of water down each drain while someone watches for the water to exit out of the drain nipples. If it doesn’t, there’s definitely a problem somewhere along the lines.

    Also check the door seals on each of your doors to be sure it’s seating properly and in good condition I.E. not dry and cracked, or misshapen. Another test you could run is to have someone run a garden hose over your car while you sit inside to watch for any water entering the interior.

    Here’s a couple more DIY’s from that might give you some insight into what’s going on:

    Golf/GTI Rear Sunroof Drain Fix DIY

    DIY: Golf/GTI/Jetta Front Sunroof Drain Fix

    Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes, guys.

  22. Hi, thought i’d let you know that despite the rain hammering down last night and today the car is no wetter.. so fingers crossed its sorted. Now i just have to dry out the carpets. thanks for the help.

    By jan on Jan 20, 2008 | Reply
  23. Dan Volkens

    Excellent! Hopefully the clog problem is gone now. :]

  24. hopefully… and i just wanna say thanks from England.. your site is much more helpful than anything in the uk. respect! :)

    By jan on Jan 20, 2008 | Reply
  25. Dan Volkens

    Thanks Jan, I always like making contact with international folks. And that’s what we’re setting out to do here at VB: to be useful to the everyday consumer!

  26. I have a 2005 Jetta and I believe that in trying to unclog my sunroof drain I punctured a hole in the passenger side tube and as a result it is now leaking down the side door panel and through the cloth (causing potential water damage) where the airbag is. Do you have any suggestions for a DIY fix? I am super cheap and hate the dealership. My method of unclogging worked on the driver side but created a problem on the passenger side. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! It is raining cats and dogs in SoCal

    By Courtney on Jan 25, 2008 | Reply
  27. Dan Volkens

    Hey Courtney, looks like one of our other reader’s DIY’s on replacing the sunroof drain hose with some cheap components is right on time for you. :) You can find it here, as well as on our homepage.

  28. My mint ’94 Passat leaked on the rear pass footwells since I drove him home from Georgia several years ago. Is this a symptom of clogged tubes? Also, heater never heats up when Minnesota cold–read:today. Replaced thermo and housing. Has anyone used air power, if you haven’t some benign snake of any sort?? Have Mk1 parts for sale…Tim Pahl

    By Tim Pahl on Feb 19, 2008 | Reply
  29. Dan Volkens

    Yep, sounds like clogged drains Tim. I would first use the method described in the how-to before going the route of snaking the tubes or using air pressure. Either of those could damage the tubes, and then you’ll have to tear apart your interior to fix ‘em. :]

  30. Dax,

    Thanks a lot!! water in my car has been a problem for months. I wondered were the drops on the rear side boards are coming from whenever it rains. Just recently it rained the whole day and i found out that there was a great deal of H2O on the passenger carpet. Just extracted about more than two gallons!! I brought my VW beetle to the dealership and was informed after about more than an hour that they have to strip everthing to fix the drain. They charge around $700+!!! for this job and if I want to change the carpet, I was quoted at $1,300+!! Can you believe that!! That’s hold up!! anyways thanks for the advise! appreciate it so much..

    By Carlos on Mar 11, 2008 | Reply
  31. Dan Volkens

    Hey Carlos, yeah sucks about the repair. That’s crazy expensive, but I bet most of it is the labor hours involved.

  32. Thoughts on cutting the end of the nipples to have unobstucted end.

    Have 2004 Golf TDI with sunroof and same issues of drain problems. Learned a few things while trying to diagnose 1 inch of water on the passenger side of the rear floorboard. After checking the drains on the front and back we found that the drivers side rear drain did not seem to drain as well as the other drains. After talking to the dealership and not wanting to spend $100 plus to have them fix the problem, I decided to take the carpet from the trunk and the headliner down and find the problem myself. Once we got to the end of the line that hooks to the sunroof my stepson decided to try to blow the line out with a little high pressure connection that goes on the end of the water hose. BIG MISTAKE THIS CAUSED THE OTHER END OF THE HOSE TO BLOWOUT FROM THE STUPID NIPPLE. This caused water to run in the inside of the fender and in the trunk. It seems to me the whole issue is these nipples. What if you were to cut the ends of the nipples off creating an unobstucted path for the water to flow. You may still have dirt build up in them but it would seem alot easier to get that dirt out with out the blockage from the nipples. Personally I still think I have an issue other than the drain lines from the sunroof but I am still investigating it.

    By Glenn on Mar 12, 2008 | Reply
  33. Dan Volkens

    Good call Glenn. I’m sure the engineers had some reason for designing the nipples the way they did, but it sure doesn’t look like it would work well.

  34. Excellent HOW TO……I had been struggling for ages trying to use a metal wire to try and unblock the drain channels (as per a previous google search). Of course one side cleared no problem, the other, no chance, the amount of prodding i did, i thought i might have damaged the tubes internally. I was about to give up and go to the main dealers when i thought i would try the web one last time.
    Tried a different search on google today and hey presto, found this one and within a matter of minutes, drains cleared and water was flowing like wine.
    Many thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

    By Ramo on Mar 28, 2008 | Reply
  35. Dan Volkens

    Right on Ramo, glad it worked!!

  36. I’m sooo glad I found this site! I have a question though. I have had major flooding on my passenger side of my 2002 Jetta. I used a carpet cleaner to soak up most of the water. I found the plug/nipple in the door and pulled it out. I also ran a small hose through the sunroof, down the drain and out the other end. Now I can’t get the plug attached back to the inner hose as the hose is inside and not long enough to pull out. Do you have any suggestions on how to reconnect the plug to the hose that doesn’t include taking the car in to the dealership and paying them $$$$ to take apart the dash, etc.

    By Lorna on Apr 14, 2008 | Reply
  37. Dan Volkens

    Hey Lorna, hmmm. Did you replace the original hose with a new one? Here’s a how-to on replacing it that one of our readers wrote up for us. I hope that might give you some ideas on reattaching the plug, though it didn’t involve removing the plug. Maybe you can follow that DIY and have enough hose left to slide the plug onto it and remove the extra.

  38. I just had this happen and freaked out. Thank you so much, Larry, for letting me know that this is an easy and inexpensive fix!

    By Kay on Apr 27, 2008 | Reply
  39. I cleaned the tubes just like you suggested and got quite a bit of water out from them. I had about 3 gallons of water that I shop vac’d out. My question is this. When it was raining I had my sun roof closed, so is there a reason that water would get in my sunroof in the first place? I don’t seem to have any cracks or problems with the sunroof. Basically is this a normal thing that happens when it rains, or a much bigger problem like a malfunction in the sunroof somewhere.


    By jojo on Jul 16, 2008 | Reply
  40. Dan Volkens

    Hey jojo, even when the sunroof is closed, water can still leak into the frame area. Under normal functioning circumstances, it drains out through the tubes. But when clogged, it ends up backing up into your interior.

  41. Hey thanks!
    Since it was sunny today I poured water down the sunroof drains and water came out through my passenger and drivers side door hinge (normal).. but THEN “tadaaaaa” I noticed there is a leak streaming down near my hood release (under the stearing wheel column) and water coming down on the corner below my glove box. So at each end of the car I’ve got a leak trickling down to my floorboards. I’m beginning to think this is not a debre problem, but a much more complicated one going on inside where my electrical components are. After checking for clogs in the drains, what’s the next step if the problem persists? Please don’t tell me it’s a trip to the vdub service department. I’m a poor college student. :-(

    -jojo :-)

    By jojo on Jul 17, 2008 | Reply
  42. Dan Volkens

    Hey jojo, if the water is leaking around those areas, you may still have clogs in the drains… or… the bad part, the hoses could be either partially/fully disconnected somewhere along the line or have a puncture. What year is your car? This could be covered. Maaaaybe. Worth a shot at least. There is also a DIY on Volksbloggin on replacing the sunroof drain hoses with heavier duty stuff.

  43. I have a 2005 Jetta and my warranty just expired. I will definately have to try this project this weekend, I guess it might be kind of fun :-\ It’s only sticking rubber tubing down the existing drain so I guess it cant be that hard for a chick to do :-).. Plus if it doesn’t work it’s easily reversable.

    Another question though. Why are my driver and passenger sides leaking at the same time if they are completely two different tube channels? Just a coincidence?

    Thanks, Jo

    By jojo on Jul 17, 2008 | Reply
  44. Dan Volkens

    Probably just a coincidence. (I.E. Volkswagen secretly programmed the drains to clog at a specific time in the car’s life) hahahahah :] Good luck with the project!

  45. Hello Dan,
    I googled the problem about my passenger foot well leaking and was directed to your site which is really helpfull the only problem is ive got a 3 door mk4 gti with no sunroof ive checked everything and im still waking up in the morning to find a wet foot well any ideas would be great, because vw dealers in the uk want about $120 an hour just to poke and prod my car

    By Gareth on Aug 19, 2008 | Reply
  46. Dan Volkens

    Hmm, that’s an interesting one Gareth. I’m not positive, but the drains are probably still in use even though you don’t have a sunroof. Have you checked whether you have the drains, and if so are they clogged?

  47. OK, well the drains were definitly clogged and my floorboard is soaked only on the drivers side. Is there a drain in the floor to release the water. Afterwards I have a horn in my trunk that sounds and my trunk automatically unlatches, and my parking lights flash. I can only say WTF? Can you help?

    By Willy on Aug 24, 2008 | Reply
  48. Dan Volkens

    I don’t believe there is any type of drain in the floor. Could be wrong though. I’d run a wet/dry vac on that baby to get as much moisture out as possible, then try to let it dry out as much as you can.

    As far as the other problem, I have no idea. lol :D There could be something wrong with the locking mechanism that is causing it to randomly lock/unlock or something like that?

  49. hey

    I think my sunroof drain is clogged however i dont know which one . all i know its on the passenger side.. Water drips down of from the roof at the rear passenger side window. Do you have any idea what i should do. Unclogg the front or rear?

    By Mitchell on Sep 4, 2008 | Reply
  50. Dan Volkens

    Hey Mitchell, it does sound like the rear drains inside the bumper should be checked. Let us know how it goes!

  51. Hello
    Noticed very wet carpet in rear footwells yesterday. After reading contents of this page (very good, by the way)I suspect it might be blocked drains in sunroof. I’ve just got the car back from an extensive spell in the garage where they replaced the head gasket. Is there any chance they could have damaged any hoses etc during repair or is it more likely to just be bad luck??

    By Greg Allum on Sep 9, 2008 | Reply
  52. Dan Volkens

    Hey Greg, it does sound like just a bit of bad luck and timing, sorry. I don’t think there would be any way they could have affected the drain hoses in any way. I may be wrong, so someone else can chime in!

  53. Last night my husband replaced the passenger side drain tube, using the flex tube, compression fitting , caulking just like the website said. Went just fine. This morning when I tested it, not one drip of water came out the tube!!!!! It came out from under the glovebox….What the heck could be going on??????

    By Elaine on Sep 10, 2008 | Reply
  54. Dan Volkens

    Hey Elaine, sounds like either there could be a tear in the hose, or a disconnect somewhere along the lines. Or possibly the hose isn’t sealed completely at the top in the sunroof area, and water got down through the system there?

  55. If we can’t get this solved, I’m going to seal it up with clear silicone and make a moonroof instead of a sunroof !!!!

    By Elaine on Sep 10, 2008 | Reply
  56. Dan Volkens

    Lol nice. :D I hope that you can get it figured out!

  57. i used a stripped down speedo cable as my “snake”

    By Mark on Sep 16, 2008 | Reply
  58. This is just superb. The dealership quoted $94 the other day. I read your blog, took a bottle of water, followed the instrutions, and I am $94 richer.

    Do you have a bigger blog on VW issues?

    By Patrick K on Sep 21, 2008 | Reply
  59. Dan Volkens

    Hey Patrick, we don’t have another blog ourselves, but the biggest site on the ‘Net would be would be a great place to start.

  60. Did a google search and came up with this site first. Explained the problem perfectly – great illustrations too. That is how the internet should work – sharing of useful information!

    Did everything you suggested to unclog the drains and prove they were draining properly. Thanks… now just need to clean up the carpet.

    By Ed K on Sep 25, 2008 | Reply
  61. I just googled “leaky sunroof problems with volkswagen beetles” and came upon your site – wonderful! I have my 2002 beetle in for extensive water damage due to clogged/disconnected tubes that you describe here. I had inches and inches of water in both the rear/front passenger side – enough to have to bail out. The mold/mildew that is now in the car is a health risk. My question is this – WHY in the world would this not be covered under my extended warranty? WHY wouldn’t this problem be considered a recall issue – this is obviously a defect of some kind if all of these people are having the same issue. I have a child whose health I am now concerned about – this mold is quite extensive.

    By maria on Oct 4, 2008 | Reply
  62. I have a 03 Jetta wagon and, thanks to you, have un clogged the front drains, in fact I did cut off the pinched portion of the bibs. Seemed logical to me, but I can’t seem to locate the rear drain outlets. I looked with the flashlight, and felt up in the hole behind the bumper but didn’t find anything. Are you sure they are back there on the wagons?

  63. Dan Volkens

    Hey Jimmy, very cool. I haven’t done this on any of the wagons yet so they may actually be in a different location, given the different body type. Let’s see if someone can point us in the right direction for that.

  64. I have a 02 Wagon and do not have a sunroof but have had some flooding on the driver’s side rear foot well. I think that I feel a nipple thing underneath the foot well where the car is wet. Could that be possible?

    By Julie on Nov 22, 2008 | Reply
  65. Dan Volkens

    Hmmm, there could be a problem with water drainage from the wiper area right in front of the windshield, though I’m not sure Julie.

  66. After having leaks for a couple of years in my 2002 Beatle I resolved today to try and fix the drains. What I found is that that two rear drains were plugged with caps from the factory and had never been taken out. I took them out and they now work. I found the drivers side drain to be blocked and after several tries was not about able to unclog it with flexible wire with a soft tip on it. I decided to sacrifice a bike tire pump and found that the rubber house on the pump fit tight inside the drain house. From there a couple of light pumps and the drain was unclogged. Thanks for all your help. The notes on this site should be standard issue for anyone who has VleakyW.

    By Randy on Nov 30, 2008 | Reply
  67. Hi, I have a 2002 VW New Beetle, I’ve tried searching for these drain tubes, but I can’t find them, where exactly are they located. Looked at the inside of the door jams and just hinges and wiring. Looked underneath the car and still no sign of tubes. Please please Help help. Thanks, Thanx. Ron

    By Ron on Dec 2, 2008 | Reply
  68. Dan Volkens

    Hey Ron, here’s a how-to on the New Beetle drains. Hope that helps!

  69. I wish I had found this website yesterday. I just spent $300 dollors getting a clog fixed that was leaking into the front passanger floor. It would have even been another couple hundred to clean the water out. I see from other comments that some dealerships fix the problem for $100 which is pretty annyoying. Anyway, thanks to you guys, hopefully I will be able to prevent this from happening again and I wont waste my money anymore.

    Does anyone have any tips on getting the water out of my car now? It’s starting to smell pretty bad, not to mention that all that condensation from the water is creating an internal fog that won’t go away, which makes it pretty hard to see while I’m driving.

    By Casey on Dec 10, 2008 | Reply
  70. Dan Volkens

    Hi Casey, yeah that sucks. Let’s hope it just doesn’t happen anymore, but if it does, you can save some cash. :) Your best bet is to get a wet/dry vac and try to get as much water out of the car as possible. Then maybe a hair dryer/fans or similar to dry it the rest of the way. What will make it especially hard though is this time of year, if it’s cold in your area. I hope you get it patched up!

  71. hi everybody. i have a 2005 jetta wagon that has been to the dealer 4 times in the past year regarding wet floorboards on the passenger side and driver side, both front and back…..alternating first the passenger side, then the driver side every time it rains heavily. vw has modified the ends of both of the nipples on the front and as of yesterday when i tested them w/ water…they were clear. however water is still entering the car when it rains. i would like to investigate potential cloggage at the rear drains, but am having two problems doing this. first, i cannot seem to access the drains at the sunroof b/c when the sunroof is open, it is in the way of where i think the drains would be. second, i cannot find the rear drains under the car anywhere. any help in locating these rear drains would be much appreciated! i am furious that my first new car wreaks like a wet dog and only has 30k miles to her name!

    By suzystel on Dec 15, 2008 | Reply
  72. Dan Volkens

    Hey suzystel, sorry for your troubles. Yeah, the sunroof drain design seems to be pretty much garbage, and will need to be looked at maybe once or twice a year to make sure clogs are cleared. This thread on has photos of the drain locations on the MkIV generation Golf/Jetta. Hopefully that’ll help you find those rear ones. They’re hidden well up into the rear bumper area.

  73. hi i have a 2002 jetta 1.8t with the sunroof, ive been having the smell problem and i did your how to thing with the drains. The drivers side was clogged but i was able to get all the water and gunk out by squeezin the nipple, the rear nipples seemed fine, but the passenger side seemed to be draining slow and i wasnt getting any gunk out of there. So while I was pouring water into the front passenger side drain i noticed that water was coming out in the corner nearer to the door underneath the glove box onto my passenger side carpet, what should I do to get this hose fixed? Can I fix it myself?

    By mdvdubber on Dec 16, 2008 | Reply
  74. Dan Volkens

    Looks like there’s either a clog somewhere along that line or a disconnect/hole, mdvdubber. This article, that one of our readers wrote, shows how to go about replacing the line. I don’t know if that’s the route you want to take, or even if needed, but that might give you some insight into what to do.

  75. Thanks for the link Dan. Unfortunately i have scoured that area under my car based on the photos from that link and there is nothing that resembles a hose, drain, or nipple (he) back there. There are however several rubber plugs in the framework in that area, which gives me an unsettling feeling. I guess I’ll just have to go back to the stealership (argh) and ask them to literally show me where those drains are, as they should know since they have claimed to have “fixed” them four times already. Sigh.

    By suzystel on Dec 16, 2008 | Reply
  76. Thanks so much for this site…
    Here’s my situation… 2001 jetta with a sunroof, driver’s side floor/mat is quite wet, the others a little wet.

    I’ve “unclogged” the nipples as best I can with a coat hanger… I’m trying not to damage the tube inside by poking too hard or too deep. 3 of the tubes seem to be working fine, but the tube closest to the drivers side is slurping a ton of water, and it’s not clear if it’s coming out anywhere!

    If this drain was clogged, I would think it wouldn’t drain at all, but it guzzles the water.

    My hunch is that there is some kind of leak inside the frame, and the water is filling up “inside the frame”, which is probably rusting the car from the inside out. I guess some of that water is seeping through the driver’s side floor somehow.

    I’m going to try to fish a brake cable further down the drain, but assuming that does no good, I was thinking of putting a rubber stopper in the “problem drain” so that the water could just drain through the other 3 drains. Any thoughts on this approach? Does anyone know what the tube inside the frame is composed of?

    By Jonathan on Dec 29, 2008 | Reply
  77. Dan Volkens

    Yeah, Jonathan, most likely there is a clog further up the drain hose and the water is backing up. Then most likely leaking out somewhere into the body of the car. Plugging the bad one sounds like a decent idea, but I’m not sure if the other three will handle the extra water drainage output that the fourth takes care of. Is there a way you could make that a temporary fix?

  78. Thanks for the reply… I think it is as I suspected. There is no clog – what’s happened is the hose connecting the sunroof drain with the nipple has become disconnected.

    I fished a brake cable up the nipple, and was able to shove 6 feet of cable up there with no problem, and it didn’t come out the sunroof… it’s just snaking around inside the frame.

    I read on another blog that you can remove the entire nipple to re-attach the hose, but this seems like it’d be difficult to pull-off. So, I got a small cork and plugged-up the sunroof drain. Maybe I’ll try to do the hose re-attach sometime in the summer.

    but, now my question is, where exactly was the water going? Is there some way it’d drain out of the frame somewhere other than the inside floor? My guess is that there might be liters of water sloshing around inside the frame, which might rust the frame from the inside out. How would I determine if this is the case? I thought about drilling a pinhole in the bottom of the frame somewhere to let this drain, but I wouldn’t know where to do that. Plus, that might cause more problems than it solves.

    I’m hoping that the water will slowly drain out through the floor, and eventually dry up. I guess we’ll see.

    By Jonathan on Dec 30, 2008 | Reply
  79. Dan Volkens

    There should be some way for the water to drain out, even if it’s getting into the frame area etc. So I think you’re ok there. Only way to really find out is if you test by pouring water in there and seeing if it comes out the bottom of the car somewhere. Do you recall if you saw the water leak out anywhere in your previous tests?

  80. When I first was checking the drain plugs, I poured what amounted to a few cups of water down the suspect drain, and didn’t see it coming out anywhere that I could notice. My guess is that it pools inside the frame somewhere and seeps out really slowly.

    We had a downpour yesterday, and the car seems to be doing OK. I figure the situation should slowly get better – not worse.

    When the weather improves, I’ll take a shot at a more permanent fix. I saw a guest-blog on your site about this very problem at:
    I think this is more the problem I have than a clog.

    Actually, I was thinking more about this issue… why is it that a sunroof drain clog would cause any leakage inside the cabin at a place other than the roof? If the purpose of the drain plugs is to allow water that seeps in around the sunroof to drain, if those are plugged-up I would think the water would leak through the sunroof, not go down through the floorboards.

    By Jonathan on Jan 2, 2009 | Reply
  81. Dan Volkens

    It’s a wacky problem, no? I’ll have to doublecheck the actual hose diagram somewhere, but there may be multiple sections of hose, and if so, could be allowing the water to leak out at a connection or something. If it’s all one line of hose, then I’m not sure either Jonathan! :D

  82. Hi Dan, spent alot of time reading your site and learned alot too. Ours is a 2001 Jetta. Thanks. My problem is very similar re the clogged/leaking into the vehicle sunroof drain hoses. Any idea where I might find a picture of where the sunroof drains actually connect to the hoses at the top? Your readers tips on how to re-attach the hoses to the nipples at the bottom were very helpful, but have yet to find any real advice or pictures of re-attaching the hoses to the sunroof itself … can you help. Cheers from rainy Vancouver.

    By Sherman on Jan 9, 2009 | Reply
  83. Hi Dan, just an update. I managed to snake a 1/4 inch diameter flex tube thru both front drain holes all the way to the door to clear any blockages. Confirmed nipples were secure to end of hose. Pulled the 1/4 inch flex back out thru the nipples. Re-confirmed nipples still secure to hoses. Poured some water down the drains. Water came out free and clear. A small victory. However I noticed water dripping inside by both sides, by the hood release handle and beside the glove box. What gives? I’m thinking is that as I poured the water thru the hoses, I poured too much too fast causing some to back up and trickle back thru the connection at the top of the sun roof and then down the outside of the hose to a point where the water would run off and into the area behind the hood release and glove box respectively. What do you think, am I on the right track. Please reply before the stress of costly repairs or toxic mold gets to me. Thanks Sherman.

    By Sherman on Jan 10, 2009 | Reply
  84. Dan Volkens

    Hey Sherman, sorry for my delayed response. Greast that you were able to snake a hose through there. This problem of still leaking has me stumped as well, as I’ve seen others with similar results. Your assumption is probably correct though. Have you tested it again without pouring too much water down? Also, make sure there aren’t any punctures in your hose.

  85. Just a quick follow on my “plug the hole” solution. 2 weeks and it seems to be working so far. We’ve had some rain, and the floormats are dry. The cork is still in place. I still plan to do a better fix eventually, but this might be one option for people who don’t have the time to do something more permanent.

    By Jonathan on Jan 14, 2009 | Reply
  86. Dan Volkens

    Great! Thanks for the update Jonathan.

  87. i HAVE A 2OO2 gti AND it will not start, the code says that I need a cam sensor??? Anybody know how to get around that to get the car to a repair shop without towing it??

    By Steve on Jan 24, 2009 | Reply
  88. Dan Volkens

    If there’s a problem with your cam sensor Steve, I’m not sure the computer will allow you to start the engine. Hopefully another reader might have an idea for ya, but it looks like you may need a tow, unfortunately.

  89. I. LOVE. YOU. Seriously. I was originally googling “How to duct tape sunroof” when somehow I mashed together the words that brought me to this ray of sunshine. My sunroof started leaking, oh, a year ago and I had always just dealt with it. Hey, we don’t get that much rain in Florida… That is to say, until a hurricane hit that pelted us with hardcore rain for 3 straight days. Luckily (or unluckily) it was the weekend so I huddled in the homestead. Come Monday, getting into my car for the first time, there was a lake (I don’t kid…a lake…like 4 inches deep) sitting in the passenger side floor. I literally bailed out my car and decided that action was to be taken. Can’t afford $300 to fix the motor so they can even get to the drains on top. Caulk/duct tape seemed the answer to my prayers until you came along. Sunroof motor: $300. Cup to bail out lake in car: $15. Fixing a clog by yourself for free: Priceless. Bravo for keeping my VW pretty and dry. Many xoxo’s to you!

  90. Dan Volkens

    Hahaha nice Megan. Glad it helped. :D

  91. i have a clogged drain i poured water into the sunroof and only three drops came out the nipple everything else went inside the car right next to the handle that opens the front hood, and into the carpet…

    Thank you i have finally found the main problem to my soaked carpet, recently i lifted the carpet attempting to dry it out and thinking the water might be coming from underneath the car.

    the lining under the carpet was soaked i took it out with a knife to get it dry until i fix my water problem.

    My question is i’m unsure what to put down the drain without damaging it even more or disconnecting the drain is there a specific tubing or material that i should use? my dad suggested a hanger but im sure that will destroy it even more, what should i use exactly? i dont have any speedometer cables available, should i just use flexible plastic tubing as suggested by one of the readers, is this available at any hardware store? should i try smaller diameter tube just to get it unclogged?

    Anyway thanks a lot for your blog, hopefully it will save me $1000 on repairs.

  92. Dan Volkens

    Hey Ruben, yeah, be careful with a coat hanger. I suggest against using one at all. It’s far too stiff and will easily puncture the drain tube.

    Have you tried clearing the drain nipples as much as possible before snaking something down the tube?

  93. I own a 2001 Passat 4Motion Wagon and I have two questions.

    1) Where are the rear drains for the sunroof. I looked around under the rear bumper and did bnot spot them.

    2) The right front (passenger side) turn signal indicator light bulb needs changing and I was wondering if you could provide some advice. Is the easiest way to remove the inner plastic fender? It looks like several torx screws hold it in place. The lens is also has water in it but does not appear to be cracked.

    Thank you for your descripition of the front sunroof drains. It looks like that solved my earlier issue of water under the front passenger carpet area.

    By Kurt Laird on Mar 29, 2009 | Reply
  94. Dan Volkens

    Hey Kurt, I’m not positive, but the drains on your Passat may be around the front of the rear wheels, if not in the bumper area. Give that a shot.

    As for your turn signal, on Jettas and Golfs, you just push in (towards the car) on the front side of the bulb assembly (side pointing to the front of the car), and this will angle the other side of the assembly out from the bumper. Then you can slide it out of its connector, which will allow you to replace the bulb.

    I’m not sure if this is the same on Passats. Yeah, both of my smaller turn signal housings on the top area of the fender have moisture in them too. There must be a seal or something that wears out on them over time. Not happy about that. ;0

  95. Hey Dan do you know where the rear drains are on the 2001 golf gti? If you do can u please let me know. Thanks

    By Carey Drummond on May 13, 2009 | Reply
  96. Dan Volkens

    Hey Carey, the rear drains are in a very odd location. You need to reach up inside of the rear bumper, close to the bumper shell and near the very corners. You need to feel for that drain nipple, and try to swueez it to remove any debris. Good luck!

  97. Great info! I can’t seem to find my nipples though?:( I own a 2006 Saturn Vue and have a pool in each of my front foot wells. Also, I did locate the drain holes on the front/top, but may have to contort my body to find the ones on the rear of the sunroof. Are there 4 drains on all sunroofs (rooves)? Any help would be Gggrrreeat!

    By BCVolk on Jun 8, 2009 | Reply
  98. Dan Volkens

    lol nice BCVolk. :D I’m not sure where they’d be on a Saturn, but try looking somewhere in the wheel wells, inside the door jams, or even under the bumpers?

  99. Hey can you tell me were my front and back drain nipples are for a 2004 vw passat. Thanks! The dealer wants over $200 to clear them out

    By Rene on Jul 31, 2009 | Reply
  100. 2000 VW Golf TDI

    I have buckets of water collecting inside the hatch back door after every rain. Water leaks into interior at the drivers side pillar and collects on the drivers side rear passenger floor, seats and trunk. I popped the grommets that hold the wiring harness (top side) on either side of the hatch back door to alleviate some of the leak. Has any one had the similar spot leak as well? Any solutions?

    By Jim 2000 VW Golf TDI on Jul 31, 2009 | Reply
  101. For those looking to try cleaning out the drains try a bicycle brake cable. They are long, thin, very strong, and very flexible. They are also designed to ride within another tube (brake housing) so they are much less likely to puncture anything and are fairly cheap (a 10 speed Shimano generic cable runs about $10). For a longer run they are flexible enough to be fed from both ends. Watch bleach as it will dry/crack rubber (possibly try a mild detergent instead). Part of the problem seams that the tubing appears to be dry fitted together inside the car and can become separated (…my drain problem hit the car after 3 months of ownership…seems the tubing was not connected properly at the factory…had a recent issue today on the passenger side front). Getting out the water…lots and lots of shop towels (and a hot day)

    By Brian on Jul 31, 2009 | Reply
  102. Dan Volkens

    Hey Rene, I’m not sure, but the drains on the Passat should be in a similar location to the Golf’s. Check the door jams and inside of the rear bumper or rear wheel wells.

    Jim, most likely your rear drains or clogged, or you have a disconnect somewhere along the lines. Have you tested to see if water comes down through the drains at a good flow when pouring in the sunroof rear drain entrances?

    Great tips Brian, thanks!

  103. Hey mate, ive been to the ends of the earth and back and cant find a reason why as to why my 03 jetta is leaking water into the drivers side only. i dont have a sunroof and all my door seals have just been replaced. Wondering if you have any advice and what could be causing this?

    By Alper on Aug 6, 2009 | Reply
  104. Dan Volkens

    Ah, interesting on Alper. Check the front cowel, the plastic piece at the bottom of the windshield, for cracks or any other kinds of problems. There are drains on that piece as well, so something could be wrong there.

  105. I have a 99 1/2 Jetta and I just started to notice that I have alot of water in the passanger side floor board. There are also stains around the sunroof area and at the top of the windshield. This morning I get in the car and there was water dripping down from the very top right of the windshield. But Im not to sure if its from the windshield or the sunroof drain. Even though there was water coming from the very top of the windshield could it still be the sunroof, due to the stains? I do not believe it is the windshield but I would appreciate your help. Thanks

    By Shell on Aug 17, 2009 | Reply
  106. Dan Volkens

    Hey Shell, hmmmm, well you definitely have a leak somewhere in the system, but when the drains are clogged, water usually drains out into the passenger/driver footwells, and not into the roof areas. However, it’s not unheard of. You could just have severely clogged drains, or a leak somewhere in the sunroof frame area, or maybe both.

  107. Thanks Dan, I have to say its good to know I have help whenever I need it. Shell

    By Shell on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply
  108. 2003 Jetta GLI. I have an air-compressor and shot air down into the drain holes in the sunroof and the passage seemed clear after some gunk exiting the nips. Had a big storm tonight and I believe my passenger footwell was soaked again! I don’t use my AC at all. Any other suggestions?

    By Jab Addahut on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply
  109. Dan Volkens

    No problem Shell! Hey Jab Addahut (nice name lol), it could be that you disconnected the drain hose somewhere along the line, or there’s a hole. If you pour a bit of water down that drain, does it come out of the drain hole well?

  110. Wow, what a cool blog! and you have run this for three years! My car started raining and flooding the other day, and I am so relieved to read this blog. Thank you! also, once I resolved the issue, I think it makes sense for me to stop parking under trees!

    By Yogimama on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply
  111. Dan Volkens

    hahah thanks Yogimama. Though I’ve faltered severely for the past few months. I’ll be ramping up some new articles here soon. Yeah, trees tend to clog the drains faster! :D

  112. Appreciate your blog on this issue – very helpful.

    I have an ’05 GTI – noticed some water in the driver side floorwell after a heavy rain. Brought it to the dealer (wherer I currently sit as I write this) and they just charged me 115 to clean out the drains.

    They want to charge me $500 to “dry out” underneath the floor boards with fans, etc.. Do I need to do this ?? My instinct is these guys are trying to fleece me – so I told them I am going to get a second opinion.

    I only noticed the water accumulating one time – do I need to get this expensive drying procedure?


    By Peter on Sep 9, 2009 | Reply
  113. Dan Volkens

    Hey Peter, yeah sucks to have this problem. I would definitely not pay them to do the drying process. It probably costs that much just for the labor involved in taking everything apart. But heck, for that money, you can buy a few good fans and do it yourself. :)

    Seriously though, depending on what climate you’re in, you may be able to leave the car out in the open air, with everything open if possible, and try to get it dry as fast as you can. You don’t want to leave it wet for a prolonged period.

    If you have a wet/dry vac, try to get as much moisture out of car that you can, then keep it aired out.

  114. Suprisingly, my insurance company is going to pay for it, so I am going to bite the bullet and pay my small deductible. Like you say, its probably overkill, but I might as well get something for all of those insurance premiums I pay!

    Thanks again for your very helpful blog.

    By Peter on Sep 9, 2009 | Reply
  115. Dan Volkens

    Nice Peter, that sounds like the best option to me! :D Thanks man, I’m trying to get around to more writing here lately. Have to rearrange some priorities.

  116. Dan. You are my hero!

    Hi. I used to be in love with my 2005 Golf TDI. No more. Lake’s in the driver’s footwell. Leak is from the hood release handle area.

    If my son pours the water down the sunroof drain hole slowly enough, it does not drip in there, and plenty streams out the nipple. So I have a hunch that when the water can’t go out the nipple fast enough, it backs up to someplace where there’s a partly disconnected joint or hole in the tubing. It doesn’t seem very far up from the nipple, based on where the leaking water emerges.

    Oddly, it seems to make a difference whether the door is open or shut. When the door was open, no leaking was visible. When it was shut (as, I admit, I usually prefer when it rains) there was a steady little rivulet. I don’t get it.

    I’m too intimidated to do the tube-within-a-tube fix by myself. Where can I find a detailed diagram of how the sections of tubing fit together? I just want to take of the nipple, reach up the hole, reconnect the two sections that are so cleverly designed to be within reach (ha!), and be done with it.

    By desperately moldy on Sep 22, 2009 | Reply
  117. Dan Volkens

    Hahah thanks, er, moldy. :D Glad we can help. I would look into picking up a “Bentley service manual”. These massive books (also available on CD) REALLY have every detail you need for repairs, although they’re typically a little pricey at or around $70.00. You can check them out at Bentley Publishers. Look for the red-colored covers, like this one for the 1999-2006 Golf/Jetta. Good luck!

  118. I’ve been dealing with this problem for months – no one seemed to be able to help – I stumbled on this blog and presto problem solved. I love my car, but I hate how VW just doesn’t tell you these simple things that would avoid so many issues. Thanks for the information.

    By Jim on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply
  119. Thanks for this. I have a 2002 Beetle and will have to check my sunroof drains since I have also had water leakage near both visors.

    New question:
    With the recent flooding in Atlanta, I have discovered water leakage in the trunk (including the spare tire well) and underneath the back seat and floor boards. This is a pain to dry out, I tell you. I don’t live in the flooded areas nor did I drive through standing water or stand outside with the trunk open in the rain, fyi. We were just bombarded with water for a week.

    Could the trunk leakage be related to clogged sunroof drains or is there something else that I should be looking for?

    Thanks in advance.

    By Ceolmhor on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply
  120. Dan Volkens

    Hey Ceolmhor, no problem. Yep, that water is most likely related to clogs in the rear drains.

  121. I have a 2002 Beetle TDi and have also experienced this. The water under the rear seat causes a simply wonderful aroma. I had to run the dehumidifier from the basement in the car for a week to completely dry it out.

    Having had enough of this, and not really using the sun/moon roof anyway, I simply used Gorilla Tape and taped the darn thing closed. Now, the water stays outside.

    As far as the spare tire well, there is a hole in the bottom center of the pan. I believe this is for the tire tie-down. The grommet/hardware may have fallen out. This would allow road spray to enter the vehicle. The tire cover should keep it contained, but water damage may ensue. I plugged this as well.

    Since I plan on driving the car until it is four wheels, engine and a seat, I am not concerned about losing the sunroof. I and actually comsidering having a metal plate welded in place of the glass, and having the car repainted.

    If there is a class action lawsuit on this obvious engineering flaw, please post here and count me in.

    Thanks for your time.

    By David on Oct 7, 2009 | Reply
  122. Wow, you posted this in 2007 and it’s still super useful information. I used a new bicycle break cable (use the pointy end, not the end with the knob on it) to clear the lines in my 2002 VW New Beetle Turbo. It took a little work with the front ones, but the cable finally made it all the way through. It was a sweet sight watching all that water and gunk come out the other end. I followed up by wiggling the cable and dumping a lot of water down the spouts at the same time. They now run like Niagara Falls!

    I live in rainy Seattle, so thanks for posting such useful and timely information.

    By Ignacio on Oct 14, 2009 | Reply
  123. Hey man, finally a site with helpful answers. I have a 03 passat and the trunk stays wet when it rains. Seals all look good… I think it has something to do with the sunroof drains. Help please. Alson is it possible for the drains to damage the BCM?

    By Brian on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply
  124. Hi, I was wondering if you’ve heard of a water leak that pours water into the back of a 98 Golf when the hatch is opened up? No sun/moonroof so no leak there. We pulled out the back panel on the hatch and the insulation was very waterlogged and needless to say the car stinks…any help would be greatly appreciated!

    By JMar on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply
  125. Hi, I have a 2006 Jetta and same leak. I don’t have a nipple in the door. There is what appears to be a plug where pics show the nipple should be. When I blew out the tube and tested with water, I saw water coming from underneath the car but also came in around glove box. Do they have a nipple under the front door area ( a new place) or am I missing one for this car?

    By Karen on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply
  126. Dan Volkens

    Hey David, no class action as far as I know yet. We can only hope!

  127. Dan Volkens

    Great job Ignacio, glad it helped!

  128. Dan Volkens

    Hey Brian, any leak you may have when you do have a sunroof/moonroof as well is usually related to it. I’m not positive on the locations of the drains on the Passat, but it has to be similar, where the drain tubes will run from the roof down the C pillars and exit somewhere under the car, like in the wheel well or inside the bumper. If there’s a clog or hole, the water could work its way into the trunk somehow.

  129. Dan Volkens

    Jmar, I’d check the seals on the hatch. When it rains, I’d be willing to bet that water is seeping past the seals and into the Golf.

  130. Dan Volkens

    Hey Karen, you don’t have the drain nipples, but do have the sunroof? I would think that was a manufacturing mistake, as there’d be nowhere for the water to go. I Would also check the drains around the front cowel (plastic area at the bottom of the windshield) and engine area for any clogs and blockages.

  131. This is wonderful info! Do you know if it would be the same for an after-market sunroof on a 2000 Dodge Stratus?

    By malana on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply
  132. Hi Dan,
    I’ve been looking for the drain holes on my after-market sun roof (2000 Dodge Stratus) and there is absolutely nothing there but solid track! Any suggestions on what to do now, or how to find them? I get tons of water dumped on me from the headliner when it rains.
    thanks for any info you can provide

    By malana on Nov 6, 2009 | Reply
  133. Hey there Dan,

    I’m so glad I came across your site. I have been having major flooding problems with my ’03 Beetle, which the dealership told me was due to the tubing clog issue.
    I am now having electrical issues, which I’m wondering might also have to do with such flooding.

    My question is this, has anyone thought about or mentioned creating some sort of class-action suit, or advocating for a recall? I personally believe this is a bit of a design flaw with a very costly outcome.

    I feel like I’m backed up against a brick wall with VW right now.

    By Natalie Riccio on Nov 6, 2009 | Reply
  134. Dan Volkens

    Hey Malana, sorry for my late reply! :) I’m not finding anything either in a search. Can you see any little holes in the sunroof frame while the sunroof is open? They’re usually in the four corners of the frame.

    Hey Natalie, yeah, sorry for your troubles. They could be related, and I agree, this problem is so common that I think it would warrant a suit. But I haven’t heard about anything myself.

  135. Hi Guys, 2001 Jetta 2.0 owner here from Canada.

    IF you get a rear passenger flood, remove the plastic
    hole cover directly under the footwell. This allows it to drain and let you hook-up a shop vac hose to drain the excess water out. Mine completely dried and saved a trip to the stealership….ooops dealership.


    By Darren J on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply
  136. Hi Guys, 2001 Jetta 2.0 owner here from Canada.

    IF you get a rear passenger flood, remove the plastic
    hole cover directly under the footwell. This allows it to drain and let you hook-up a shop vac hose to drain the excess water out. Mine completely dried and saved a trip to the stealership….ooops dealership

    By Darren J on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply
  137. I love it that you provide these DIY articles. I also hope you can feature DIY videos such as how to replace cabin air filter”>

    By JackieChan012 on Nov 23, 2009 | Reply
  138. Dan Volkens

    Thanks for the tip Darren! And glad we can help JackieChan. :D

  139. I have a 2006 Jetta Wagon TDi GLS
    I too have a pond developing in my rear passenger foot well on the drivers side. The water thing is driving me NUTZ! I have two young kids and don’t want mold developing!!
    I fixed the front drains no problem, but cannot find the rear drain nipples at all. I jacked up the car to look, and they are not near the rear bumper, and other sites or blogs have the passat wagon drain under the rear wheel liners??
    How do you get at those things??

    Also, you mentioned about the rear door seals… where should I be looking? And what tools do you reccomend?

    thanks in advance!

    By Troy on Nov 28, 2009 | Reply
  140. hi please help ive got water holding on the drivers side floor any ideas where or how its getting in its a 2004 cabrio beetle many thanks.

    By michael on Dec 1, 2009 | Reply
  141. Actually there is a mechanic in Queens NY pushing a class action lawsuit because of this same problem. His email address is [email protected]

    I have a 2002 beetle and every time it rains the rear foot wells and trunk get soaked. I’m going to try to clear the sun roof drains as you’ve instructed and hopefully it works. I always wondered why the car ran rough when starting up after a rain storm and now its all making sense. I just got the car back from the dealer ( because my mechanic couldn’t figure it out after replacing 4 alternators and checking for loose wires and shorts ) VW charged me $736 for replacing the alternator cable alternator fuse box and diagnostic charges. $146 part and the rest for labor. ANNNNDDDDD the car still isn’t right but I refuse top give VW anymore money. I will only bring it back to them if its related to the parts just replaced under warrantee. I had them do the repair on the recall item as well (brake light sensor)….whopptie dooo!
    Now I have to change the blue engine coolant sensor and oil pressure sensors myself because the are malfunctioning and I know its just the sensor not the part.
    VW sucks big time!
    I hope very much that Im able to clear these drains because the mildew smell and wet back seat and footwells are a pain in the ass.
    I will report back with a happy recap hopefully…..or else.

    By Kenny M on Dec 4, 2009 | Reply
  142. Dan Volkens

    Hey Troy, the rear drains are either up inside of the rear bumper cover (get underneath and reach into either corner of the bumper to feel for them) or maybe somewhere in the rear wheel wells. I’m not exactly sure on the wagons, but they’re there somewhere! :D

    Hey Michael, with a convertible there are lots of areas where water can get in. Check the areas all around the edge of the top, as well as any seals.

    Kenny, thanks for sending that info! Hopefully that mechanic can get something done about it.

  143. Hey,

    Dan maybe you can help, I just bought a 1991 Jetta 4dr, runs great only 66k on it. However I can’t seem to find the source of a water leak that soaks the left side of the car. Mostly the water puddles in the rear floor behind the driver’s seat, driver’s floor also has water, but not as bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    By CMA on Dec 10, 2009 | Reply
  144. Hey,

    Dan sorry, forgot to mention, the 1991 no sunroof.

    By CMA on Dec 10, 2009 | Reply
  145. Dan Volkens

    Wow, great find CMA. That’s really low mileage. If it has a sunroof, be sure to check the drain exits, and make sure that all your door and window seals are in good shape and seal well when everything is closed.

  146. Dan Volkens

    Ah, derr, just saw your second post that there’s no sunroof. Nix that part then. :D So yeah, so check all the seals, and make sure there are no holes in the bottom that have rusted through or something. That’s not very common with VWs, but you never know!

  147. Thanks for the insight on the drain hoses. I think that has fixed the water issue. However, I continue to have electrical issues and ive been told it could be due to the BCM which supposidly is under the driver side floor mat in my 03 passat. Is there any truth behind that and if so, how do I fix it?

    By Brian on Dec 12, 2009 | Reply
  148. Dan, thanks, I least now I know there is not some other wierd place to looking, I did notice that the driver’s door plastic was missing, so we installed that, will keep you posted.


    By CMA on Dec 13, 2009 | Reply
  149. alrighty after reading all these man am i irrritated about this leaking situation. I’m in an 05 jetta and i got a massive leak as well filling my front passenger floor and i believe its dripping down the side by the door jam. i’m sure after everyone elses comments i have a drain tube connection problem, but im not sure where there would be a connection or how to get to it. If anyone can tell me how to safely remove the moldings to get to the connection that would be a great help. btw i’m glad my 01 a4 doesn’t have this issue i think id lose my mind on that car

    By matt on Dec 13, 2009 | Reply
  150. Dan Volkens

    Brian, if that did get moisture in it from the leak, it would definitely cause more problems.

    Matt, here are a couple links on removing interior parts:

    Removing Interior Parts I
    Removing Interior Parts II

    Hope that helps!

  151. i went for it with the 1/4″ tubing and a little silicone at the top to seal and everything worked great. i realized the nipple and drain tube came completely seperated but i couldnt get them back together

    By matt on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply
  152. …but its ok now with the clear tube running the whole length =)

    By matt on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply
  153. So I took my 2001 Jetta into the dealership because the battery died and after jumping it, the clock wouldn’t stop running, the airbag light came on, and the one-touch feature on the power windows wouldn’t work- normal things that need to be reset after a jump. I believe the battery died because the car wasn’t driven for a few days (5). While I was at the dealership, I asked them to also address the condensation problem I have been having for the past month or so, ever since the “rainy” season started here in SoCal. I thought the condensation/moisture buildup inside the car was due to a problem with the heating/ac unit. But after dropping it off, they called me and told me that there was actually a leak “somewhere” in my car, and that the driver and passenger side floors were soaked with water (I hadn’t noticed it, but when I got the call, I went over to the dealership to see for myself. They were a bit damp). A bit of history: It has been raining here periodically in So Cal over the past month or so, and my parking spot is located under trees that shed acorns and pine needles into and around the sun roof drains. I leave my sunroof cracked most of the time, and have left it open when driving in the rain before. Now I know what a huge mistake that was. Anyway, back to my question. Dealership wants to tear apart my car from the bottom, taking out the seats and floor mats and checking the electrical wiring under the driver’s side floorboards to make sure no damage has been done to the wiring under the floors. I have not noticed any electrical damage as of yet, I simply took my car in because the condensation was annoying and to reset everything from the jump. They also want to take out the carpets and dry them etc. My question is twofold: 1. Could the battery problem be related to water damage from the leak? My guess is that they are separate issues, because after the battery was jumped, the car started and ran fine, and the dealership tested the battery and said it was fine. 2. How necessary is it for the dealership to tear apart my car looking for damage that most likely isn’t there? If I just squeezed the drain nipples and wet vac’d the floors and put heat to them, would it most likely fix my condensation/leak/mild damp smell problem? Or is it worth it to see if any real damage has been done to the electrical wiring under the floors? Dealership wants to charge me 1800 for labor hours and that’s not including any parts that need to be replaced due to damage… This is 18 times more expensive than what most of the people who have posted here said that their dealership quoted them…

    Any help is appreciated…

    By Vanessa on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply
  154. I have a 2000 Golf GL 2.0. and I have had it for 8 years and never touched the drains. A dealership did it once, but I had no idea how they did it. I did a search and I find this site! I have had a slight leak for a couple years. It comes & goes, but gets worse when it rains super hard or when I go to the automatic car wash. That’s the worst!. Today I went thru to wash the salt off (I live in NH and they use salt on the roads to melt the ice) and it poured in, even in the back onto the back seat. I went home and squeezed the nipples and moved them back side to side, almost like folding them over. Some goop came out, but not a lot. All of a sudden it started to “pee” and it peed for quite a while. I poured more water in the sun roof, and it came out the nipple in a stream, but still dripped a little-right above the passenger side door. It might have just been residual, time will tell. It’s old so the hose could be cracked I suppose. I got under the car to do the rear ones, and I can not find ‘em. I mean I took a huge flash light and had my head under there. I read most of these posts-maybe I missed something, but does anyone have a 2000-are the nipples in the same place? It beats me.
    Just for kicks-I’m also wondering..where are the drains for these things on Japanese cars? I’m a loyal VW owner and have had super luck with this car (over 125k), but this design is “piss” poor!! ;p

    By Sue on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply
  155. Hey, I can speak from experience on this! I had the same issue with moisture in the car and now my windows do not work properly, my AC controls work when they want and my dash and trim lights blink on and off and reset when I’m driving. I have been told its due to the BCM(body control module) getting wet which is located under the drivers side floor board. So if you don’t want the same issues I’m experiencing, have them check it out. And from my understanding, the transmission cpu is located in the same area so I think Its worth it to prevent future headaches. That’s just my 2 cents.

    By Brian on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply
  156. Thanks Brian, that’s helpful. Just wondering how bad was your moisture problem? Did your floors actually get soaked or was it just general moisture in the car? Mine seems to be more of a general moisture problem but the floors are a little damp…

    By Vanessa on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply
  157. I have the same problem with blocked drains, it caused my display console to die which cost me $1000 to replace, this is the last straw for me and VW.

    By Liam on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply
  158. Well the car was sitting for 3 months and I didn’t have the leak issue before it sat so I don’t know how much water got into it during that time. But since then, I’ve had some puddles in the back carpet but just damp carpets in the front. Ive done some pricing and found out the bcm can cost up to 500.00.

    By Brian on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply
  159. Dan Volkens

    Glad it worked Matt!

    Hey Vanessa, sounds like a couple problems. The battery most likely isn’t related to the water, unless there was damage to an electrical component that may have created a short or something and drained the battery. The shop wanting to tear down your car to inspect is kinda extreme, but they seem to be looking at for your best interests in wanting to do that. However, the cost involved seems insanely high, so I’d be wary of that. You can try to dry out your Jetta yourself, but really make sure you get it completely dry. Once dry, if you don’t experience any more problems, you’re probably ok!

    Hey Sue, yeah, sounds like your drains were just backed up and some residual water is still leaking in. The rears are inside of the rear bumper cover… very odd location. You have to reach your hand up inside of the bumper near the extreme left and right sides respectively for each drain, and just feel for them. I’m not sure how other car manufacturers handle the drains, but their solution must be way better!! :D

    Thanks for the extra info Brian. I think this is one of the most common problems related to a leak.

  160. well my comfort module did get wet but we took it out and cleaned it and now my car is working :)

    By Beth on Jan 9, 2010 | Reply
  161. FYI, regarding the plugs in the rear drains — I have those too. Now that I’ve removed all the debris (leaves, dirt etc.) and run a wire through the rear tubes, they seem to work fine — even with those plugs in place. I believe the plugs are there to keep the drains from getting too clogged up. They have a small notch n them to allow the water to flow out.

    BTW, thanks to everyone in this blog posting for the information. My 2001 Beetle now has a dry passenger floor once again, and all 4 drains are operable.

    By Divad on Jan 13, 2010 | Reply
  162. Dan Volkens

    Great Beth and Divad!

  163. i have a 2003 jetta tdi wagon that i have loved up to now. last spring, it started leaking and the dealer said it was the drains and they unclogged them – we have a sunroof. 3 days ago the rear passenger side floor was flooded as well as part of the front passenger side floor. i took it to the dealer who said they had to charge me 100 to look at it…then called and said it was not the drains and had to charge me another 150 to tear the car apart. so 250 total…then call said it is the passenger door seal. wants 400 to fix that plus lots more if i want to carpet and jute relpaced.
    how can a door seal cause that kind of leak? no water was running from the door to the floor. i feel like they just don’t want to admit that the drains are clogged again or something. after reading this site and others i am horrified at this shoddy design…help please before i pay this money!

    By anne-louise on Jan 19, 2010 | Reply
  164. Dan Volkens

    Anne, I would assume it’s still clogged drains, and the dealer may be milking you for more unnecessary repairs. You can try to get a second opinion at another dealer or shop. Just tell them about the leak and have them check the drains, or go back to this same dealer, and try to get them to recheck the drains before doing those other repairs since they may not have gotten everything the first time.

  165. Thanks so much for all the great information. After mulling over my options for a while, I called my insurance company and found out that these repairs were considered “flooding” and were covered by the comprehensive part of my coverage – they even paid to have it towed to the dealership!

    By Deb on Feb 2, 2010 | Reply
  166. I have been enjoying reading everyone’s solutions to this wet car problem. We have a 2001 Jetta Wagon with a similar problem. I noticed yesterday that the floorboard behind the driver’s seat is very wet, basically where the passenger behind the driver crams his feet. It sounds like there are two potential culprits: sunroof drains and this pollen filter.
    I have questions:
    Is it more likely to be the sunroof drains given where the water is?
    Do I need to pull up the carpet once the drains are clear to really get it dry?

    I have an appointment with my mechanic (who is always great) for later in the week, so I may check the drains before I take it in.

    By Chuck Samuels on Feb 8, 2010 | Reply
  167. Dan Volkens

    Great Deb! :D

    Hey Chuck, it’s definitely the sunroof drains rather than the filter. the pollen filter should be located in front of the passenger in the engine bay. Yeah, pulling the carpet would probably be more thorough than just vacuuming/soaking up with towels, or air drying. But that’s a lot for work. :)

    Let us know how it goes after you see your mechanic!

  168. I have a 1999 Passat. Last time I went to the carwash, water was dripping from the sunroof mechanism cover. A time or two before there was dampness around the front edge of the roof. I have never experience water in the car during the nearly 11 years I have owned it. I squeezed the front nipples, then ran weedwacker line down the tubes in front. Nothing came out, so I am assuming they are okay. I couldn’t find the rear access holes in the sunroof tray. I just found your site, so I did not find the rear nipples, but will try tomorrow. Does water in the hatch indicate bad tubes or excessive leaking? Wouldn’t water build up in the front indicate that the front tubes are clogged. I want to get the salt residue off my car, but I am afraid to take it to the car wash again.

    Thanks in advance, Michael

    By Michael on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply
  169. Dan Volkens

    Hey Michael, yeah, water in and around the rear is usually indicating clogged rear drains. The rear nipple locations do seem to vary by model, so check inside of the rear wheel wells, under the car just in front of the rear wheels, and also up inside of the rear bumper skin. Once you track that down, you can hopefully get them cleared enough to prevent future leaks.

  170. This is exactly what happened to the sunroof on my 2001 Passat. This is a great information board and many thanks to those to have contributed to my on going dielemma and a 2,100 bill for a sunroof that’s still leaking. you guys are great.

  171. I was so releived to find this site….. We recently bought a 2003 jetta and today discovered soaked carpet on the front driver floor. Water seems to be coming in thru the fuse box? Would this be caused from clogged front drains of the sun roof. Thanks

    By Diane on Apr 5, 2010 | Reply
  172. Hi Again Dan!
    This is Deb from the Feb 2, 2010 posting with a final update on my 2002 Passat Wagon’s flooding issue.
    First of all, I can’t thank you enough for this amazing space – it changed everything about my flooding saga for the better.
    Well, after everything was said and done, the drains cleared, the carpeting all elevated and dried out and even the comfort control module and some of the wires from the wiring harness replaced, a very kind VW service manager let us in on the actual source of the problem. He said it’s actually caused by a manufacturing defect. The drain from the sunroof in the driver’s side “A” pillar has a defect that allows the connection to separate and is the cause of many of these flooding sagas – it also speaks to the need for routine clearing of the drains.
    There’s one other thing I wanted to mention about my blown out comfort control module (located under the passenger seat and controls the door locks, airbags, etc). First off, I had been having this flooding issue on and off for a number of months and because of my budget, kept responding by simply vacuuming up the water with the shop vac. But, now that I look back on it, I realize that my first clue that the flooding was creating a greater problem with the CCM should have come when the automatic door opener on my key no longer functioned. I had replaced the battery etc., etc., and finally decided that it must have just died from overuse, not realizing it’s connection to the CCM. After the CCM was replaced my automatic key worked perfectly.
    I hope this helps. Thank you again for everything Dan.

    By Deb on Apr 14, 2010 | Reply
  173. There is a class action suit dealing with this. If you have paid money to have your drains replaced you are entitled to reimbursement. Check with your local dealer to see if you are eligible for a free repair.

    By Michelle on May 10, 2010 | Reply
  174. Hi Deb,

    I am interested to know more about this. I got notification in the mail recently regarding the class action suit. I have not had my VW repaired yet, but I definitely have this leaking problem. As you suggest, are local dealers apprised of this lawsuit and the situation, and are they actually empowered to provide a free repair?

    Or are you just suggesting to contact the local dealer to see what they can do?


    By Peter on May 26, 2010 | Reply
  175. i have a 2002 Jett GLI VR6 and i had previous water damage due to clogged sunroof drains. I’ve had electrical damage such as constant stalling upon starting the car, battery light flashing followed by violent jerking back and forth and weird metal grind sounds coming from the engine, spedometer and tachometer sticking, and odometer numbers flashing and changing. the water damage was concentrated to the driver side underneath the stearing colomn where the BCM is located. Could water damage to the BCM cause these problems?

    By Pat Cress on May 27, 2010 | Reply
  176. Peter- Read the notification in the mail it explains everything! Very awesome.

    By Vanessa on May 28, 2010 | Reply
  177. I have a 2004 VW Passat 1.8L T and about a month ago the car became immobilized. It would crank, then stall. After stalling, the temp and fuel gauges would spike up, then down and back up again, staying there until turning the key to the OFF position. But before staying all the way down, they would go up and then back down and rest. In the trip meter display, the letters DEF appear. The total mileage window displays all zeros.

    I was directed to this site because I did have standing water in the driver and drivers side passenger floorboards. I have vacuumed all the water I could get to, but I push on the carpet a couple of times and I still hear “sloshing” noises underneath.
    After locating the drain nipples, I squeezed the drivers side and about a cup of water came streaming out. It has rained a couple of times since and there has been no sign of any extra pooling water in the floor..(good, right?) Well, almost.

    I did an experiment today with the sunroof drains and I did notice they worked wonderfully (thanks to you!). However, in the actual sunroof track, there is another place for water to go…guess where……it comes out inside the car right above the fuse box. I checked all the fuses and none were blown or wet.

    My questions are one, would the standing water have anything to do with the immobilizer?
    And two what can I do about the immobilization of the vehicle?

    By Kaleigh on May 29, 2010 | Reply
  178. I have a 97 Jetta no sunroof but I’m getting water collecting somewhere in the right rear quarter panel. After a big rain a significant amount of water runs out from the bottom of the qarter panel as I leave the driveway. Any idea where the water is entering from? Hope I’m asking the question in the right place. thanks

    By Eric on Jun 5, 2010 | Reply
  179. Hi guys, thanks for all the wonderful info. My 2003 Golf GTi roof started dripping from the light behind the drivers side sun visor in yesterdays heavy rain, resulting in a very wet lap!. have never had a problem with it before. I will check the drains, but if it proves to be a defect in the connection inside the drivers side pillar, where do I stand? I understand there has been a successful class action held in the US, but does this apply to VW owners in Australia?

  180. We recently bought an 02 TDI Jetta that the air conditioner was not working properly. The check engine light was on also. Local mechanic (not VW) looked at car & got a/c going for a short while, but then it started blowing # 5 fuse for comfort system. I have been trying through process of elimination to isolate the source of the direct short it obviously has by unplugging different points in the harness & replacing the fuse. While doing this, I discovered the driver’s side floor wet & then what I take to be the connector station in the lower A-piller looked wet also. Quite by accident, I saw the drain nipple on the car frame & recogonized it’s similarity to that on a/c drains. I squeezed & out came the water. I am assuming now from reading the blog, that the comfort control module or body control module or some kind of module has been damaged by the water & shorted out. The # 5 fuse blows now as soon as I turn on the key. Can anyone please tell me where I need to look now? Where are these modules & how do I check? The brake light has also started coming on. I unplugged the sensor for low fluid & it did not go out. I guess this is un-related? Thanks in advance!

    By Debbie on Jun 27, 2010 | Reply
  181. Hi, i’m a new comer to the VW wet floor issue, bougth an 03 passas wagon in november 09- everything was OK “I think” as far as a leaky sun roof, never noticed until just recently (July 12,10) that the floor behind the drivers seat had about 1/4 of water under the floor mat. now I know why the interior windows fogged over after at brief temperature inversion.
    I contacted VW dealership, they said no problem bring it right in it’s a common issue, but no mention of it when I purchased the car from them.

    At the dealer ship they explained that the drains can plug up and should be addressed every 40,000 miles or two years and it’s a quick fix, 10 minutes later they requested permission to look further into the matter by disassembling the interior roof panel. Well one hour-forty-five minutes, plus $200 later they said they reattached a roof drain, tested it and everythings fine.

    Well two days later after a rain storm, water on the floor again. Called VW back, they said (OH?) bring it right in, they sounded almost happy to hear from me.
    I gave this some thought and decided to try something different that was not going to cost me another $200 attempt to fix at my expense.
    I dried the floor (a lot of time) and sealed the sun roof of my bright silver Passat wagon with green duck tape and am now waiting for a heavy rain.

    I have been approached by two othger passat owners about the gaudy duck tape on an otherwise immaculate looking vehicle which I quickly explained and advised them to keep watch.

    By the way I also received a notice from the United States District Court of New Jersey (Water ingress settlement) that requested information of any repairs that I had paid for regarding leaking sun roofs. I filled out the info and returned it. They also provided a phone number to call if any questions. 1-877-740-6992 or website [email protected].

    I’d hate to thing the VW dealers are using this to boost their profits during this economic recession.

    By Dan Rowland on Jul 17, 2010 | Reply
  182. Just another note, the 2003 replaced a 93 passat wagon with sun roof that was a great vehilce the seven years I owned it. I experienced very little if any problems with the vehicle that’s why I purchased it , and n e v e r had any water issues.
    If VW could manufacture a water tight vehicle with a sunroof in 1993 then what’s up now, and how many VW owners have paid for repairs of this faulty re-engineered drain system since then?

    Don’t they look at past designs that worked when a new design proves faulty especially year after year? Sounds a little like something expected of Toyota.

    By Dan Rowland on Jul 18, 2010 | Reply
  183. G’day, My daughter Kate just bought a 1999 (Nov) VW Beetle and discovered that it has drain problems from the sunroof. I took the car to a motor trimmer and had the roof lining removed. Checked the drains inside and everything looks OK. Removed the caps off the back drains, poured some water down and there was water overflowing into the cab. The water was being restricted by the nipple. There is not enough flow to open up the little slit in the nipple, hence, cut the nipples off. The tubes are only ~80mm long and can be cleared easily if they do get blocked. The water drains really fast now. The location of the front drain nipples are the issue for me. I looked around the web and came across this great site. I read the previous threads and still cannot find. Not under door hinge, not behind wiper assembly, but somewhere back further. I ran some water down the drain and can see water running onto some kind of plastic box/cover that sits behind the wiper assembly; the end of the drain seems to be up higher and the end is not exposed. Does anyone know how to access the end/nipple. It looks as if the dash could need to come out to remove the plastic box/cover to get access. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Peter.

    By Peter on Aug 19, 2010 | Reply
  184. Hi, I’m driving a 2006 Golf GTI and it’s leaking. I tried following the instructions given here but could not find the nipples as mentioned. I do not see any nipples at the front doors. Can someone kindly advice? Thanks!

    By joanne on Sep 13, 2010 | Reply
  185. Every registered owner of a VW or Audi should have received the information packet about the class action lawsuit. It was recently settled. They are in the process of substantiating plaintiff’s claims and determining potential disbursements. There was also a recall issued for the same vehicles. The dealer is cleaning the drains free for one time only. VW/Audi also issued an addendum for the owner’s manual that now requires owners to bring in the vehicle annually or every 40,000 miles for drain cleaning – on YOUR dime. Unless you cannot live without a sunroof, I recommend welding a piece of steel over the hole and repainting the roof. This is the only way to prevent leaks from a faulty design.

    By David on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply
  186. Had the same problem with clogged drains and, thanks to your advice, cleared them by simply squeezing the nipples.
    My problem is that eventhough the carpet has been absolutely dry for the past couple of weeks the ” moldy” smell is extremely strong and will not go away.
    I’ve tried baking soda & vinegar without any success. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?

    By Bernard on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply
  187. I have read almost all the comments above and thank God for a truely usefull web page! The one piece that caught my attention (albeit after first hand experience) was the one about lining the original drain tube w/1/4″ vinyl(?) Tubing. The repair if needed is sound but if one is not carefull about pouring the water down the drain hole one can end up with the same symtom. If you think you have a cracked tube, do the pour test again and make doubly sure your not slopping water on the wrong side of the dam as I did. Second opinions are a good thing…………………………ev en if both of them are yours


    By gary engels on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply
  188. I have a 2001 Golf GTI and I really want to thank you for your help, you saved me an expensive trip to the garage!

  189. I had this same problem with the drains & flooding. Despite using a wet/dry vac, I couldn’t seem to get all the water out of the carpets. Finally, out of desperation, I poured kitty litter in the carpeted wet areas and let it absorb the remaining water then vacuumed it out with the wet/dry vac. After repeating this a couple of times it finally dried out completely without molding. Only downside – tracking kitty litter everywhere each time you get out of the car. Hope this saves someone else the frustration of an endlessly soggy car.

    By Sarah on Dec 17, 2010 | Reply
  190. What an amazing site! Thanks so much for the info! We’ve been deluged w/ Rain in the Calif area the last 2 weeks…and all of a sudden I had standing water in the passenger front and rear. I pulled the drain plugs to help in the back, lots of water came out and I left them out for days. I couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from…I saw a few drops come out of the vanity light fixutre on the drivers side during a particularily heavy bit of rain, and saw some really good dripping down by the glove-box plastic side piece. I squeezed both front nipples as directed..the drivers side was empty. The passenger side had a nice blob of ick and water come out…then I poured water down both and viola! Both are flowing free! I still can’t find the rear nipples inside the rear bumper, but I’m pretty confident it was the front passenger side casuing my wet woes. Thanks again!

  191. we haven’t 2004 V W beetle with the sunroof.the dealership informed me about the recall regarding the front drains on the Sun on the sunroof. Upon inspection the rear drains were also blocked. This has resulted in water sitting under the carpeting and into the bench seat in the rear. They detailed the carpet and the bench seat to get rid of the musty odor but to no avail. They now want to split the cost of replacing the carpeting and the bench seat with me to the tune of $1500. In other words I pay 750 and they pay 750. They’ve also found about $2000 with the other work that needs to be done on the car. Car has about 60,000 miles. They are explaining to me that the rear drains were not an issue even though mine were clogged along with the front drains. After reading all of the above comments, it seems that VW does not want to accept any responsibility for the consequential damages of the leaking drains or clogged drains. Anyone had any success in having a dealership pay for the damages to the upholstery etc.?

    By TFO on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply
  192. I experienced constant water in the interior of my 2000 VolksPassat repeatedly.In the front on both sides and about 3″ on both sides in the back. After paying out a fortune within 2 years of purchasing the car of my dreams.Having it towed several times.I was financially forced to get rid of it.I did take it to the dealership and other foreign car specialist.But,continued to have engine stalls,electrical problems.A mechanic from the VW dealership recommendedI that I get rid of it because I would always have electrical problems.So,I took his advice.I could have certainly benefited from this information on this site much earlier.I’m sure it could have saved me plenty of money.What an amazing site!

    By Vivian on Jan 29, 2011 | Reply
  193. Hi there,

    Thanks for being such a great resource. I’m hoping you can provide some insight on my leaking 2007 beetle.

    I’ve taken it in 5-6 times already for leaking pooling on the foot mat, and under the mat on the driver’s side floor. There is usually a spongey wet spot about 8 inches in diameter after a wind & rain storm. Never leaks in just the rain, only when it is very windy out too. Water beads on the side carpeting of the door sill & the flat grooved plastic kickboard part too (the ledge under the door) in about a 4inch wide section. There is water pooled on the little ledge above the hood release, under the dash. There was also some water in the fuse panel on the bottom hinge part.

    So far the dealership has water tested it several times with no evidence of leaks. They have replaced the door seal at my insistence, have checked the drains for the sunroof, and they are all fine too. They keep doing the SAME water test and telling me they can’t find the leak.

    I’m so exasperated. My vehicle has had a littany of problems and is so lightly used–26,000Km so far, and it has made me profoundly sad.

    I hate to be a bother, but if you had any bright ideas, I would love you forever.


    By Jennifer on Feb 14, 2011 | Reply
  194. Today, Royal Motors, in SF…cut off my nipples, on my 2005 Jetta.

    I thought I saw nothing in your blog about this protocol, but it IS now the protocol…\\jb

    By john barry on Feb 21, 2011 | Reply
  195. I have 2000 vw beetle and the water is ending up on the right rear floorboard. is the draintube from the sunroof running thru the post in front of door or the post behind the door

  196. So, my 1999 Passat is not on the leaky sunroof recall list and I have tried the nipple thing and it has been a fix that lasts just until the next rain fall. Here’s the problem. When it rains, water streams out from the clips that hold the retractable sunscreen that comes up from the back window. It happens at such as rate that my kids wear rain hoods inside the car when it rains and i have plastic bags in the glove compartment that they sit on. Someone said the tubes could be detached. Is this possible? I have 145k on the car, so I don’t want to spend lost of money on this–but can’t drive around with a tarp on the car. Would love some advice…..thanks.

    By CEspo on Mar 10, 2011 | Reply
  197. Wow, this thread is long!

    First off, don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but here’s a link to a website about the class action settlement for leaking sunroofs:

    Secondly, my experience with VW is about the same as many others here. I have a 2005 New Beetle; the problem started just around the 17,000 mile mark. Since then, I’ve had the drains cleaned at least 6 times. The first 4 times by VW – though they only marked down having done it once (and foolish me never read the service tickets closely before leaving). The 5th time, right after the warranty expired, they wanted to charge me $200, just to do a test to find out where the leak was starting! (Now claiming no, it’s not the sunroof…) They also tried to sell me on another $700 of unrelated repairs. I left and went to a trusted mechanic that has worked with my family for over 25 years…he said not only were those other repairs not at all necessary, but it looked to him like it had to be the sunroof drains. My car now has 71K on it and after the torrential downpours of the last 24 hrs, there is a lake in my driver’s side, both front and rear. My last sunroof cleaning was only about 7,000 miles ago.

    I did get the letter about the settlement and laughed. Clean them every 40K? *snort* And no way am I going to a dealer for “free” repairs. Those trolls are not to be trusted.

    Does anyone know a more permanent fix?

    I am getting so tired of this tomfoolery that despite the otherwise fine condition of my car – and my love for Beetles – I’m about ready to get rid of it and take on a car payment again, just so I don’t have to fear rain anymore!

    By LWNJ on Mar 11, 2011 | Reply
  198. Well, I have replaced the TCM once and it is now bad again and also a bad computer. Wow, wish I had known it was the drains causing all this. What about the Plenum drain? Is that also draining into my floors and causing them to be wet and damage the TCM, computer etc. VW let me believe it was because I drove through some water….it wasn’t even deep! It does not seem quite so easy to clean.

    By Therese on Mar 27, 2011 | Reply
  199. what i learned:

    1) my passenger side nipple won’t unclog. i was about to take the whole headliner off to investigate ( which i reeeeeally didn’t want to do ). But then i took off the nipple completely. Lots of gross stuff oozed out, so it was a blocked nipple after all. The trouble is now the nipple is separated from the drain hose and its impossible to reconnect ( unless you took the door off i suppose ). But i don’t care, the hose now drains to the frame and it comes out the bottom, i can see it.

    2) the driver side was blocked too but i was able to unblock it by just squeezing the nipple ( why are we calling it that?? )

    Still unsure why its always the passenger side that gets full of water. Maybe thats the lowest point of the car frame. Anyway, the problem is solved, thanks for taking the time to make this post.

    By thumky on Mar 27, 2011 | Reply
  200. Did you get the nipple back on? I had the same dilemma but got it back on without removing the door.

    By Brad on Mar 27, 2011 | Reply
  201. a followup on my 2003 passat wagon from jul 2010- The duct tape used to seal the sun roof did not prove very effective and I removed it and sealed it with silicone, well that did not work either still found water on the floor, (All four tubes are clear) I was advised by another VW owner that there are drains located under the battery box that could cause the wet floor problem, so I pulled the battery and discovered that the drains had been removed. Hmmm I wonder who could have done that. I finally had to remove all the floor drains and placed plactic deck tread between the carpet and floor. I also now cover the vehicle with a car cover when heavy rain is expected. My wife calls it our “sunshine car” It’s a pain but beats feeding the VW coffers, they obiviously are quite aware they have a Golden Goose. It’s ashame that one of the major TV networks doesn’t get a hold of it, It would be interesting to see the affect that type of pubilicty would do to their “golden Goose” Maybe it’s time to email them. tell them to look up this web site for a start.
    Oh one more thing I just received a personalized card from my VW dealer saying “its’ been awhile weve seen you” and were offering me a deal on saving 15% on my 105,000 mile service, 10% on monster mats (cute) plus 15.00 off on detailing cute again. I carefully read the small print and noticed that the offer was void for VIN ending in 3E078994, just for the heck of it I checked my vin, guess what same number. Im sure they would have told me that before any work was done.

    By dan on Apr 25, 2011 | Reply
  202. the nice, inexpensive repair for sunroof drains worked like a charm! thank you….thank you!
    now: if anyone can help with a frozen compressor for the a/c unit on a 2000 jetta that would be wonderful. the dealership wants to replace the WHOLE A/C UNIT!!!!!

    By mandy on Apr 26, 2011 | Reply
  203. I’ve visited your site on other times and always got the help I needed. This time I have water in the footwell behind the driver’s seat in my 2003 Passat 4Motion wagon. I had the dealer look at it when it was in for other service. They said all the drains were clear and cautioned me that I might need to have the rug and seats removed if the problem continued. It has occurred again. I’ve looked at this blog from beginning to end and the info is terrific, however, I cannot find any holes in the sunroof area. I’ve opened it as far as possible. The only thing I found is a small rectangular opening in the track about mid-way on both sides of the roof. I couldn’t find any holes in the corners of the roof as one picture on your site shows. I used pipe cleaners in these opening and they came out not even damp. I pipe-cleaned the nipples and the drain holes along the bottomo of all four doors but got very little debris out. Can you clarify about the location of the drain holes in the roof itself. Thanks.

    By Laura Gilmartin on Apr 27, 2011 | Reply
  204. can you send me pictures of your fix using the washer and compresson fitting; i already ran the hose but it still leaks. i don’t quite understand how you made it fit inside the sunroof drain hole.

    By chris on Apr 30, 2011 | Reply
  205. Hello Brad,
    Can you tell me how you reattached the nipple to the tube?
    I’ve spent like 6 hrs trying to put it in and could not reattach it.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    By Vital on May 21, 2011 | Reply
  206. Thanks to my hubby for fixing the drains in my car!

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of the awful musky/mold smell?

    By April on May 23, 2011 | Reply
  207. Hi Dan,glad to know I am not the only one with a soaked roof and pillar and floorboards.I own a 2001 VW Jetta and I noticed after a heavy rainfall that my driver’s side pillar and front of sunroof plus sunvisor area was soaked and also on the paasenger side floor..soaked…Had it fixed at dealer but problem is still there…I wonder if it’s the drain tubes or the actual sunroof itself leaking?Really fed up with it but love the car…throw a suggestion my way please..thanks

    By Erwin on May 27, 2011 | Reply
  208. Hi,

    Was soaked this morning with water flowing down through the vanity lights but your tips have solved the problem.


    By john K on Jun 5, 2011 | Reply
  209. Wow. This blog should absolutely be required reading for VW owners. Over the 11 years I have owned my Passat, I have had numerous issues, many of them electrical, and now I know why. There must have been many floodings I wasn’t even aware of over the years.

    I recently had the water ingress problem described by so many here, finally did the nipple trick, and it worked. A few weeks later, my transmission kicked out an error code, and my mechanic told me the transmission computer (located under the front passenger side footwell) was filled with water. VW had already replaced this computer years ago when I was unable to move the shifter into gear. At that time, they asked me if I had flooded my car, and I honestly answered “No,” but they never hinted at the drainage issue (and subsequently tried to charge me $2400, but VW of America said it was covered under warranty!) This time, my mechanic simply dried the module out, and got the transmission working again.

    Lesson learned: if your VW’s electronics are located under areas that have flooded, fix the flooding problem and have a trusted mechanic check to make sure there’s no water in the electronics under the rug. It could save you some money in the long run.

    By John on Jul 23, 2011 | Reply
  210. 2002 Beetle – I used an air pump that is used for inflating air matresses and towables. The thin flexible nozzle fits perfectly in the sunroof’s front drain holes and when the pump is turned on it blows all the trash and water out of the drian line. Took about 10 minutes and didn’t have to disassemble anything. Drains are open and working great. It is worth a try if you are having water problems.

    By Jim on Aug 1, 2011 | Reply
  211. I have a 2001 Passatt and when it rains my rear passenger footwell gets soaked with water i have read most of the other complaints of this same problem , I am having trouble finding my drains i do have a sunroof could you please help me locate them it would be very appreciated.

    By Bob wess on Aug 17, 2011 | Reply
  212. Dan, I have found the drains and the problem, The passenger side drain on my sunroof was not connected to the nipple in the door jam , after reading some of the similar problems that other people have had i took the advice from one and i snaked some weed wacker line down the drain from the top down and did not see it come out the end of the nipple so i removed the nipple and realized it was not connected to the down tube i should say that before i tried this i poured some water in from the top and did not see any come out that is where i started my investigation after realizing the problem i took off the nipple snaked the weed wacker line down and was able to get the tube out enough to grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers. The tube was not long enough to connect it to the nipple so i went to the hardware store and purchased a brass fitting double male serrated on both ends and some clear plastic flexible tubing i connected the brass fitting to the down tube then the clear flex tube to the other end of the brass fitting and then the end of the clear flex tube to the nipple.I then poured some water down from the top drain and it flowed like Niagara falls, i then attached the nipple back to the door jam poured water in again just to make sure and it is all good now. Thank you very much for knowledge and creating this site i hope that this will help others as it did me Now i can sleep a little better.

    By Bob wess on Aug 18, 2011 | Reply
  213. I forgot to add my total investment for the brass fitting and flex tube was $2.37 and about one hour of my time. THANK YOU AGAIN.

    By Bob wess on Aug 18, 2011 | Reply
  214. I’ve just discovered water getting into my Passat via the sunrrof, however this was coming down the passanger door piller. It escaped throught he mounting holes for the multi connector, so filling the passanger front and rear footwells. Its buggered my CCU and locked the rear doors shut, but before I install the new CCU I need to stop this water. Boy this has take ages to find coz I cleared the all the other drian holes talk about on many sites, including the pollen filter seals, and still got water in the footwell.

    I wondering now if the hose is loosely fiited to the nipple coz water is coming out the nipple, but just as much is getting in the car. So either the tube is split or the end is not fully connected to the nipple. Having just read the above I am reluctent to attempt this myslf.

    What would you do?

    By Ken on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply
  215. OK Was indeed the down hose disconnected from the nipple. The job was easier than I thought, but perhaps I got lucky by fitting the hose back on first time round.

    My next job involves the rear doors which are in deadlock mode. Anybody know how to rectify this?

    I have managed to get the inner door cover and panel off, and agained access to door lock. A VW dealer recommended smashing the lock off. I have managed to remove the connecter, but still the door remains locked. The fuse did blow I at this stange I am sensing the motor within is blown and seazed.

    By Ken on Sep 8, 2011 | Reply
  216. Bass guitar strings work well to unclog the drain tubes.

    By Bill on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply
  217. You’d be surprised what water from a blocked sunroof drain can do.

    Mine damaged the wire to the sensor on top of the transmission that sends the signal to the cluster. As a result, my speedometer and odometer quit working.

    You can check out the details here:

    By Linda Moore on Oct 7, 2011 | Reply
  218. I really appreciate all these suggestions. Recently the inside of my car started smelling badly, I don’t have kids so I wasn’t worried about the half eaten burger or fries under the seats so I decided to give the car a real good cleaning inside and low and behold I find that under the rug in the drivers side and in the back seat behind the driver, the rugs were soaked. I thought maybe I had left a bottle of water half opened and it spilled so I vacuumed it up and the smell went away. However, we’ve had a lot of rain here in Maryland this week and today I went out and low and behold the floor in the back was full of water. I looked under the dash board to see if it was coming from there but it’s dry. Now that I’ve read about the sun roof I’m going to check out the drains tomorrow. I was dreding taking the car into the dealership, God only knows what they would have charged me for it. Thanks all for imparting your wisdom, really appreciate it.

    By provi ortiz on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply
  219. okay so I couldn’t wait to address this problem of water in my 2003 Jetta GLX so I went outside and took a look. I do not have any hoses or nipples in the door frames. Any suggestions of where I can look for these drains would be appreciated!!

    By provi ortiz on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply
  220. Thanks for all this advice it helped solve my problems with the sunroof

    By S. Johnson on May 8, 2012 | Reply
  221. thx !!!

    By xlman78 on May 13, 2012 | Reply
  222. Thanks for this howto, it gave me some insight on my issue, which was that it drained into the frame (instead of the supposed place, the nipple), soaking the rear-right quarter of the car. All other drains were fine.

    the hose separated from the nipple due to rustproofing, the workers at the rustproofers drilled a hole right by the hose, knocking it out.

    Hopefully the next time it rains a lot, I’ll see a difference.

    By Zipppy on Jun 23, 2012 | Reply
  223. That is correct. I had this same issue. Replaced sensor, car started every time. The computer will allow starter to turn engine with bad sensor, but there will be no spark until the sensor is working and it knows the crank position.

    By Jeff on Jun 29, 2012 | Reply
  224. I think I have the same problem! I have a 2000 VW Golf 1.9. It rained like hell here for days and when I got into the car there was water dripping through the roof lining around the ceiling mirror! I drove the car ok but when I parked up I had the following faults: electric windows will not operate, central locking will not work with the key – (only manually), sun-roof will not open, alarm disabled. Checked all the fuses, all ok. Relays seem to be fine. So I think it must be the drains! I will check this tomorrow and re-post, otherwise it’s possibly an ‘earth’ problem? Thanks so much for this post and the info on clearing drains, I’ll be referring to it as I do it!

    By Jo on Jul 17, 2012 | Reply
  225. I have a 2004 Jetta TDI , with water in the back seat floor. Thank you so much for all the helpful advice. I’m quite touched so many people from all over selflessly helping each other. I found the advice with the weed eater plastic wire stuff the best. The idea with tying a knot at the end or something and then pulling the boot back on the very short (too short) boot in the door jam by the door hinge to be a suppppper valuable tip. That could save sooo many alot of frustration and time.
    you guys are great
    thanks again

    By Steve on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply
  226. To clarify hooking the boot back onto hose in the door jam I took the weed eater plastic wire stuff feed it down the sunroof hole out the door jam then feed the weed eater plastic wire through the boot (like stringing beads) tie a knot or use a washer or whatever, pull the wire from the top of the sunroof, which will perfectly align the boot over the hose then carefully refit it in the door jam, leave the weed eater plastic thing in there and pour some water down the sunroof drain hole, just to be sure its all good. If ok undo the knot and pull the weedeater plastic wire out. and waa laa your done.
    ys Steve

    By Steve on Jul 26, 2012 | Reply
  227. Thanks for this howto – I had a passenger compartment getting soaked and assumed it was a problem with a windshield seal since I had the windshield replaced about a year ago. Safelite (the guys who replaced the glass) came out to take a look, and when I described what was happening, he knew exactly what the problem really was and demonstrated that the sunroof wasn’t draining properly on the front passenger side corner.

    Unfortunately, the fix was out of their scope of work (understandably).

    I spent ten seconds finding this page on Google, and after “squeezing, twisting, and performing any other questionable action” on the passenger side drain nipple a torrent of water gushed out – it was like someone flushed a toilet or something. Now it seems to be flowing fine, and I’m sure that once the upholstery is fully dried, I’ll have no more problems.

    Thanks so much!

    By mikeb on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply
  228. Perfect instructions! 2003 Jetta, noticed sopping wet carpet under mats on driver’s side both front and rear.
    Took about 3 days worrying (with my head in the sand) that it would most likely cost $300 at the dealership…
    Searched brief concise keywords and found this in 10 seconds or less. It was only that it was night did I wait to follow through.
    Cleaned the goop out of the front ones, one peed a bunch….
    Back ones were dry. Poured a bit of water through front, some water flowed to driver’s side because parking lot is uneven, but water flowed through both front drains. I have a ‘Dri Z air’ thing inside the car already collecting moisture.
    Note to self: Remember buying the car and front door hinges squeaked? Recall lubing front door hinges frequently? Months later, remember noticing that front door hinges were NOT squeaking?? That’s because the drains were plugged and they weren’t dripping on the front door hinges…… Thanks for the instructions!!

    By Ruby Lucy on Mar 8, 2013 | Reply
  229. I used a thick gauge weed whacker cord. I cut an six foot piece and pushed through both ends (door hinge and sunroof) and found a disconnect about twelve inches from the door nipple. I plugged the left valley with calking and stopped the water flow, redirecting it to the right side temporarily where it drained properly.

    By Tom Aiellos on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply
  230. You will need a flashlight and get up on the door frame by the drivers seat. Look about two to two and a half inches back from the front corner.

    By Tom Aiellos on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply
  231. George, my driver’s side floor was soaked and when I did the water test to check the drain, water came out the drain and the same amount of water ran out of the fuse box cover. I followed your suggestion and it works perfectly now. Thank you very much.

    By Kirk on Aug 23, 2013 | Reply
  232. I just purchased a 2004 Touareg , water is leaking down the left rear roof pillar . I have started to pull down head liner , and thought to double check sunroof drains . I attempted to clear front drains with .080 s/s wire with end bent over to prevent damage . Left front seems clear , rt front not flowing , and I can’t find 2 rear drains . Any clues!?

    By Ted Alt on Dec 10, 2013 | Reply
  233. Is it possible that rain water is getting into the heating vents under the hood. In the winter I have frost on the inside of the windshield and in warm weather I have water in the drivers side rear foot well.
    It is possible water from the heating vent system is ending up in the defrost tubing in winter and in the summer running down the vent tubes that direct heat to the foot well under the front seat.?

    By Dan on Dec 16, 2013 | Reply
  234. Guys!!!! Why use towels?

    If you have a shop vac use it! It sucks the water up quickly.

    By Donna in RI on Dec 30, 2013 | Reply
  235. Try using weed eater line to run down moon roof drain to unclog

    By Jhack on Oct 9, 2014 | Reply

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