Guest How To: Replace Sunroof Drain Hose

January 21, 2008 – 9:05 am by Dan Volkens
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I have a 2001 Jetta with a sunroof, with the same problem lots of folks have noted — wet or submerged carpets after a rain.

Guest article by Volksbloggin reader George

I read various web speculations on the cause, and saw some really great pictures of the sunroof drain entry and exit points. So I poured water in the sunroof drain and sure enough water

comes out the nipples above the front door hinge. However, on the passenger side I saw some water spill out from the right side of the glove compartment and run down to the floor carpeting — a sucess for any water leak detective! I suspect this is how lots of water has been getting in my front passenger foot well, and from there somehow sloshing to the back passenger foot well.

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So, I figure the drain hose is either partly disconnected or has a hole in it. I pulled back some of the interior molding next to the right side of the windshield, and found the drain hose. When I again poored some water in from the sunroof drain hole, I could feel some of it coming down the channel around the drain hose. This VW drain hose would be very time consuming to replace, involving removal of the glove box and probably much more.


My solution was simple. I went to the hardware store and bought 7 feet of 1/4 inch flexible plastic tubing to run through the existing hose from the top drain hole down through the nipple at the door hinge. To seal the hose at at the top of the drain, I bought a 1/4″ compression sleeve that slides into the hose end and has a rim to keep it from sliding all the way in. I put a washer under this rim, put some superglue on the compression sleeve to ensure it stays in the hose, and caulked under the washer before pushing it into the drain hole It fit perfectly. Don’t pull the hose tight from the botton end, just get it close. Then just push it the last half inch or so and let the caulk make the seal.





The hose went in pretty smoothly, except when it got to the nipple near the door hinge. I pryed the rubber nipple out of the body panel with a screw driver, and either at that time or earlier the original VW hose disconnected from the nipple. My new hose then pushed right through and I slid it through the nipple about 6 inches, and refit the nipple into the body. This job was surprisingly easy, and only cost $6 in supplies plus a trip to the hardware store.



Since I know this has been a big issue for dozens of VW owners on the internet, and probably hundreds or thousands who haven’t complained on the web, I took some pictures to add to the knowledge on this subject.

I should note that from my reading on this, it seems some people have wet rugs caused by problems other than sunroof drains. These other problems may include a cracked cowel outside in front of the windshield, or maybe a bad seal on a pollen filter. So, the fix above may fix your problem if you have a damaged or disconnected sunroof drain hose (or clogged drain), but there could be other problems like the two I just mentioned. I can tell you that I proved my drain hose was leaking into the car, even though a lot of water was also getting all the way through the hose and through the nipple. Maybe that’s part of the reason people think the’ve eliminated a possible problem when they haven’t. Usually, if some water is being diverted to the interior, but not all, it will not be noticable (drips within the door frame and under the rug).

After my hose installation it rained a couple of times, including a day of rain, and I see no obvious water leak. Also, after the caulk dried I poured in some water and it came rushing out perfectly. The fact that the interior hose is a little narrower than the original was no problem for effectiveness of the hose. As the water goes in the drain, gravity takes over and rapidly draws down any water in the sunroof drain bowl. This is an easy and cheap fix for a problem that can make people want to sell their car out of frustration.

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Dan Volkens

Guest How To: Replace Sunroof Drain Hose
January 21, 2008 – 9:05 am by Dan Volkens

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    George’s technique worked great for me! I have a slight variation, and some notes that may prove interesting to others…

    WARNING: DO NOT clean out your drains with anything pokey, sharp or stiff. You WILL poke a hole, you WILL tear the drain hose, or, if you are like me, you WILL disconnect the hose from the sunroof at the top and risk >$500 at the shop to get it professionally repaired. Clean your drains with water, twist the nipples, and if you must poke something into the drain tube then PLEASE use something with a small diameter and flexible!

    So, as noted, I managed to disconnect the drain hose at the top, right off of the sunroof, by using some too stiff wire. This made it extremely difficult (read: impossible) to thread the 1/4″ hose from either the top down, or, after cutting off the nipple at the door, from the bottom up. Once the hose was disconnected at the top, anything that I threaded through the top became lost under the headliner, and never made it out the drain at the door. I was, however, able to thread a very small diameter hose (2mm outside diameter) back up through the bottom and out the top. Here is my variation on George’s wonderful replacement procedure, to replace your sunroof drain hose if it is disconnected from the top.

    1: Cut off the nipple end from the drain at the door. (Not the whole thing, just enough to expose the drain to its full diameter)

    2: Thread a piece of 2mm diameter hose from the door up and out the sunroof. (2mm diameter hose, or any small, flexible wire… some plastic coated thin guage wire might work. MUST be flexible. If you can make a sharp kink in it, try something else) If you are lucky, the small diameter hose will be able to find the way out, and not get lost under the headliner. If you can’t do it with 2mm, try smaller until you can. All that is important is that you make a connection from the door to the sunroof.

    3: Made it out the top? Good! You will now want to cut the small diameter hose such that it will be AT LEAST twice as long as the actual drain hose. Don’t go overboard, but your “guide hose” should be longer than your 1/4″ replacement hose by a fair amount, and the longer the better.

    4. Remove the thin diameter hose from the drainway.

    5. Cut your piece of 1/4″ outside diameter hose to approx 6″ to 1′ longer than you will need. Just rough guess it, something like 4 feet or so, I think, in the case of my 2003 Golf GLS.

    6. Thread the little hose through the 1/4″ OD hose, and secure it at the bottom. Tie a knot or something.

    7. Now, thread the little hose/wire back up through the cut-off nipple and out the top of the sunroof. It will now act as a guide to ensure that the 1/4″ OD hose does not get lost under the headliner.

    8. Begin to thread the 1/4″ OD tubing back up from the door, towards the sunroof. BE CAREFUL! Easy does it, nice and gentle, don’t end up disconnecting the original hose from the nipple at the door! Work it up through the oringinal hose, threading it along over the thinner hose/wire.

    9. When you are getting towards the top, pull the guide hose taut from the top. DO NOT let the thin guage hose pull all the way out and throguh the bottom of your 1/4″ replacement hose! Pull the guide hose taut, and gently work the replacement tube up and out the sunroof drain.

    10. Now jump and shout for joy as you have successfully guided your replacement hose up from the bottom and have saved 500 bucks.

    11. Complete the job as George did, with the compression sleeve and washer and caulking.

    Good luck!

    -Mike D

    By mike d on Mar 24, 2008 | Reply
  2. Dan Volkens

    Great job Mike! Thanks for that extra info.

  3. Polo 1000cc, year 2001- 2 door no sun roof

    Some time When it rain, there is water at the back of the driver seat and also wet in front of the driver seat.
    I have taken the car to to a local garage, and they removed the wet carpet and hose the car, and ther was no sign of any water coming in. I have been to the garage twice with no sign of leak and yet, time to time the carpet is well soaked with water.

    By raj on Apr 6, 2008 | Reply
  4. Dan Volkens

    Hello Raj, do you have a sunroof? If so, I would assume you have clogged sunroof drains. Check my how-to on clearing the drains and see if that fixes your problem! :]

  5. what size is the oem sunroof drain hole and hose? I just got a 05 jetta gli a few months ago,the other day i went to get in my car and noticed about 1″ of water on my driver side floor board after some looking around i found that the water is coming down the driver side pillar from the sunroof. I tried many things to unclog the drain thinking that it was clogged but it seems more like the drain hose is completley disconected.IDE LIKE TO TRY YOUR METHOD but i need to know the oem drain hose size so that i can get something snug to fit down the drain. thanks harry

    By HARRY SIERRA on May 8, 2008 | Reply
  6. Dan Volkens

    Hi Harry, it appears the hose is 1/4 inch outside diameter hose according to Mike’s comment above. I haven’t performed this myself as this was a guest article. I hope that helps!

  7. I have a 2003 jetta GL and have read all of these comments and dont seem to match my issue my car leaks in the front passenger side floorboard and is comming from behind the dash area. i have no sunroof and con not seem to fine the drains b/c i do not have drains but the door can you help me with finding where the drains are located so i can see if the are clogged?

    By charlene on Mar 29, 2009 | Reply
  8. Dan Volkens

    Hey Charlene, it could be leaking from somewhere directly in front of the windshield. There are drains in the plastic area where the wipers connect onto the hood. I’m trying to remember the name for that part, but it’s escaping me at the moment. :)

  9. This worked out great for my Jetta, which was leaking just all the draining sunroof water into the passenger side of my car.

    Took me 20 minutes at lunch today. And cost me a whopping $7.31 in materials — sans the price of caulk, which I had already purchased thinking that my windshield was leaking. :)

    Couple of things that might not be obvious to folks that try this and aren’t savvy DIYers:

    1. As Mike mentioned above, make sure the hose diameter is 1/4 inch O.D. (outside diameter).

    2. Use a flat washer. A thick washer will offset too much, and the sunroof parts may not close properly — or worse yet it could strip your handiwork when the sunroof closes.

    Great solution, thanks!

  10. Dan Volkens

    Thanks for the extra info Steven!

  11. Just finished up on the repair. We’ve been dealing with wet floorboards for months now and never could find the leak. The drain ‘nipples’ were completely clogged and about an inch of the original drain tube. Of course, when I pulled the nipples out of the door frame, I never could re-attach the original drain line, so that you so much for this fix!!! I was cheap and easy, and I didn’t have to pull the dash.

    By randy on Jun 20, 2009 | Reply
  12. sorry bout the engrish… “So Thank You so much for this fix!”

    By randy on Jun 20, 2009 | Reply
  13. Dan Volkens

    No probs Randy! :D

  14. is there an easy way to get the rubber nipple back onto the old hose, it just does not give enough excess to get hold off to rejoin the 2

    By roger on Sep 8, 2009 | Reply
  15. Dan Volkens

    Hey Roger, hmmm yeah. If the nipple has been disconnected, it’s gonna take some effort to get it back on. What if you could take a needle-nose plier or something thing, stick it through the nipple and grasp the hose. Hold that secure while you try to reinstall the nipple?

  16. Hi from Oz. The comments are sooooo useful. I have a 2002 Golf which I bought a couple of years ago & whenever someone gets in the car they want to faint because of the smell…mouldy etc. I was never able to locate where the smell was coming from!!! I get water filling in the driver’s side (mainly) lamp cavity, the pillars get wet, water falls onto the seat, behind the visor onto the mirroe. It doesn’t happen each time it rains but seems to depend a little on the direction & strength of the rain lol. Anyway I will be spending time in the next couple of days trying to clean the drains. I recently discovered the front one but will now explore the back ones. THANX so much for the informative blog & comments. The internet is an amazing place!!

  17. I had a car friend take a look at what I called my “mystery leak” and he told me what he suspected the problem to be. I poked around some more and discovered the nipple in the door which had some reason it was clogged up. I fiddled with it a bit and water came pouring out, thus draining the sunroof!

    Car friend sent me the link here and I was very happy to see detailed pictures and a way to re-tube everything should the problem come back! I have been suffering with mildew/smelly wet car and was seriously considering selling my car because I was positive having a shop pull the damn thing apart while looking for a seemingly random leak would be horribly expensive. (At the same time I was frustrated because I was SURE the solution was simple, if I only knew what to do!)

    Thanks! :)

    By Olivia on Oct 8, 2009 | Reply
  18. I have an 03 Golf, I can not locate the REAR drain holes for the sunroof. Is there a trick to finding them? I know they are clogged and I can’t clean them out if i can not find them. Would love some help.

  19. Dan Volkens

    Hey GSCAT, the rears are in a very awkward position. You need to reach up inside the bumper shell from underneath on the outer right and left sides. Just feel around for the drain nipples. Good luck! :)

  20. Dan
    Thanks for the reply,
    I have no problems finding the rear drain nipples, it is the rear drain holes in the sunroof drain tray. when The sunroof is retracted, it blocks the drain tray.

  21. Dan Volkens

    Ahhh, sorry man. All of the drain holes are in each corner of the sunroof, so you may have to work blind to get something down those drains to unclog them.

  22. I have been having the sunroof drain problem too. If you believe your rear drain tubes are the problem, You can gain access to the rear drain tubes by removing the panels inside your trunk area. These tubes(reddish brown color) are reasonably easy to re-attach to the nipples and therefore the tubes can be probed from the bottom up. I used semi rigid small diameter tubing to unclog my tubes and now I am waiting on the next flood to find out if that fixes the problem.
    Be aware that some people have on going issues with the electronics in their VWs and Audis.(sunroof, windows and even brakes acting erratic) I believe this is from the sunroof drains clogging and allowing water to access the electrical system. SO, if you are testing your sunroof drains by filling your gutter system with water these electrical components can get wet and drain your battery and even have more long term effects on your electrical system. Why do I know this??? It happened to me!

    By Rodger Lee on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply
  23. Dan Volkens

    Thanks for the extra info Rodger!

  24. Hello Dan
    I have the same problem as Raj (posted in April 6, 2008)

    I have a Polo 1000cc, year 2002- 2 door and NO SUN ROOF. British car (don’t know if this makes any difference)

    It started getting wet inside (some 3 weeks ago). When it rains, I get water in the carpet at the back of the driver seat and it also gets wet in front (driver seat). I have taken the car to to a garage, they cleaned the carpet (did not solve it)., checked water in boot (spear wheel) and no water there, and cleaned leafs and debris from drainage system in front of car (still problem not solved).

    Do you have any ideas where the water might be from. I have no sun roof. Was advise by local garage to take car to volswagen and am really not keen to pay a fortune to solve this. Can you help please.
    thanks, Cris

    By Cristina on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply
  25. sorry I meant in front on the carpet on the side of the driver (not on the seat.. the carpet)
    sorry for my bad english
    cheers Cris

    By Cristina on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply
  26. Dan Volkens

    Hey Cristina, that’s a very odd one to figure out. :) A couple things I can think of are:

    - Is water splashing up from underneath the car through holes in the subframe?
    - Water isn’t draining properly from the windshield cowel area (the plastic area at the bottom of the windshield)

    I’m trying to think of other ways the water can get in. Do you ever notice if water leaks through the windows or doors when it’s raining?

  27. Hi Dan.
    thanks for fast reply. Regarding your questions:
    - I don’t think its from underneath the car since the carpet gets totally soaked when it rains even if the car has been parked for several days.
    - When I took the car to the local garage I think that was exactelly what they cleaned (the windshield cowel area). The car was dry for 3/4 days and then totally soaked again (got soaked immediatelly when it started raining again.. I do live in Scotland :) ). I’ve emptied a 1.5l bottle water on the windshield got inside the car with a flash light to see if I could seen any water coming in near the pedals and all the wiring and nothing.. nothing is wet and I can not see water coming in!!
    - I’ve checked all rubers around the window and can not see anything odd (besides garage also said they put one man inside car and watered the door (with hose) and saw no water getting in!

    One (maybe) important thing (I did say it to the mechanics but I think they ignored it).. the first time I noticed water inside the car a bit of the window was left open overnight and it rained a lot that night.. and then the next day the carpet behind the driver seat was soaked (the carpet only though not on seats..) could it have damaged something inside the door? Also (if it helps – did say it to the mechanics too) my airbag light has turned on since the car has been wet. Hope this info helps in any way!!
    thanks a lot for this Dan

    By Cristina on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply
  28. This is stupid!!! we got the nipple that was sooo dirty cleaned out but the drain pipe coming out is imposable to reattach! I have 4 guys a shop full of tools and still no luck! VW you have failed me with this i’m not happy.. there’s probably some special tool to do it that cost 300 like the special tool needed for doing the breaks on my jetta! Guess thanks to the savings they figure we get with the car being diesel they make it expensive to do anything on the car. Come on VW make the hose an inch longer and no one would have this problem. Its clearly an issue with these drains RECALL IT!!!!!
    had to rant!

    By Megan on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply
  29. Dan Volkens

    Hey Cristina, Yeah, hmmmmm. I have no idea how it’s getting in. I know, it’s frustrating.

    Megan, I agree. :D This is just about guaranteed to occur, so I think there should be some kind of repair available. Oh well.

  30. You are a genius and I appreciate the pictures. I couldn’t find the drain holes to unclog them. WHY? becuase they were blocked by years of gunk.

    I have a 2000 Golf. All the same leaky problems. Hoping they will dissipate now,

    Many thanks,

    By P Koszczewski on Dec 11, 2009 | Reply
  31. Dan Volkens

    No probs PVK! :D Glad it helped.

  32. Hi Dan, I am so grateful for this site. I have a 2001 VW Jetta GLS and I too am having the water issue. This has been going on since 2004. We thought it was the windshield because it seemed to start when it was changed. My issue is with the Jetta there doesn’t seem to be a way to pull the side curtain down as shown above. My husband started pulling the roof liner down just over the window…is there a safe way to pull the liner down without damaging it? Or is there a way to pull the side curtain down even though the airbags are there?

    By Pamela B Boykin on Dec 15, 2009 | Reply
  33. Dan, to add another thing… when my husband went through the bottom of the nipple the tube he used came into the car! It does not snake up in a tube…can the tube disconnect from the bottom as well or is it possibly dry rotted and if so I wonder if we will be able to snake the tube from the top to get past that part when he is on his way to the bottom? Haven’t gotten the tube yet I didnt realize it was OD that was needed when I went to the store.

    By Pamela B Boykin on Dec 15, 2009 | Reply
  34. Dan Volkens

    Hey Pamela, here’s a DIY on removing the headliner in a Golf/GTI. The Jetta should be just about the same. And yeah, the hose can become disconnected at the bottom or have a hole. If the headliner and interior parts are removed, you should be able to find exactly what’s going on in there. :)

  35. Hello to all that have made comments on this issue of leaking sunroofs. My son and his wife both have Jettas, Her’s is a 04. Today I was trying to be helpful and look into the flooding problem on her car. My son has had a similar issue with his Jetta and spent a lot of money to have the window drain tubes cleaned out. Like one of the other readers above, the passenger side nipple was solidly pluged. I had no read all the comments about this nipple until after my ordeal. Yes I removed the nipple and yes the drain hose came off and yes I spent a couple of hours trying to get it back on. Like others I could feel the hose with my fingers but could not reattach the nipple. I did come up with an idea that appears to have worked. I found a long eyebolt with tapering threads at the end (typical of lag screws). The eyebolt had an outside diameter slightly larger then the inside diameter of the tube. Most of the eyebolt I cut off with a hacksaw so that I had a means to rotate the bolt. Using the middle finger of my left hand I guided the tip of the bolt to the end of the tube and slowly threaded the tip into the tube. I used a few drops of water and liquid soap the lubricate the end of the nipple to fit over the tube. This allow the nipple to also slide over the bolt as a guide up to the tube. The threads on the bolt help to hold the tube while the nipple was slide over it. Once in place I just unscrewed the bolt. I did test this with water and it appears to have worked as the water did come out of the nipple. The down side is that the actual leak appears to have been further up the tube. Perhaps there is a break or perhaps the tube was compromised by a previous owner of the car forcing a wire down the tube. These are all unknowns. I really hate to have to take the head liner down and there are airbags in the A pillars that I know nothing about. I am reluctant to mess with them unless I have more knowlege on how to disarm them. Removing the battery might work for this but screw up the cars computer as well. Anybody with ideas or knowledge can certainly comment. George’s idea sounds like a great one. Part of my experimentation in resolving the disconneted nipple involved sliding a piece of new tubing up the old to try and align the nipple to the old tube (alignment worked but there was nothing to prevent the old tubing from moving ouside the reach of the nipple. It would not have been so bad if ther was an access hole to grabe the tubing from inside the car. As far as I could tell, even if the dash was completely removed there was still no way to access the tube. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    By Rick Warner on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply
  36. So this happened to my car and i fixed the clogs…but now my car still wont work(wont start, lights in car don’t work, windows don’t work including sunroof, but my head lights work) Help…I start my new jobs in like 3 days…(the car gods hate me) :( oh what is the quickest way to dry out my carpets?

    By Beth on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply
  37. Dan Volkens

    Wow Rick, nice solution to reattach the nipple. Let’s see if someone has any more ideas they can help with.

    Beth, did the car stop starting after you had the water leak?

  38. umm ya…well even when I had the leak it would start running but then the next day it would stop. But as soon as we found out this was the problem it started and then now it isn’t starting again…It has gotten worse before I could open my sunroof now I can’t. I have taken a wet vac to the water that was in the drivers side both in front and in back of it…I have opened up and dried out that black box I’m not sure if it is my CPU or if it is my Comfort Module…I have no idea what a Comfort Module is though…

    By Beth on Jan 5, 2010 | Reply
  39. Dan Volkens

    Beth, sounds like the BCM, or comfort module did get wet and could be causing those problems. Some other people are discussing the same thing on my How to Keep Your Sunroof Drains Flowing Well post near the bottom of the comments.

  40. Hello Dan,

    It seems I have the same problem with the sunroof drain. I like and will try George’s fix. I think the only drain I’m having a issue with is the passenger side front drain. My question is do you think I should use George’s fix to all four drains, or just the passenger front? Thanks

    By Robert on Jan 10, 2010 | Reply
  41. Dan Volkens

    Hey Robert, if you’re in there changing one, it might not be bad to do all, but I think that’d be a pretty hefty job. I would go ahead with the passenger side front first, and see how that goes. If you have no problems with that one and the others seem to do fine as is after a while, then you’re good to go. :) At least you’ll have the knowledge of how to do the others if needed.

  42. Thanks for the website. I have a 2002 GTI. I cleaned all the drains, but the front driver hose was disconnected at the door, will it leak in the inside of the car if I leave it as-is? It’s hard to see in there, but it appears to drain between the sheet metal. I poured water on it the sunroof, it drained outside between the sheet metal. Nothing appeared to come in.

    Another leak spot I found is around the seal for the hood release, you have to remove the wiper arms and plastic trim to get to it. I clauked around it.

    Thanks, Ryan

    By Ryan on Feb 2, 2010 | Reply
  43. Dan Volkens

    Hey Ryan, sounds like it may not leak in the car, unless there’s a build-up, but I wouldn’t leave it that way for long. You don’t want water running through your panels over time.

  44. I have to same problem with 2003 jetta gl .
    Front passenger side floor board gets wet when it rains. Smells really sour for weeks after the rain and stays with a vague sour smell all of the time. Probably molded now.
    I am thinking of replacing the carpet at the dealer but do not trust they can confirm the source of the leak with confidence before I replace carpet. Of course need to make sure of leak source before investing in carpet replacement.
    I will let you all know what I find.

    By diane on May 28, 2010 | Reply
  45. i have 2001 jetta received documents in the mail stating the repairs that are need and if i wanted to file a claim against Volkswagen Ag going to the dealer this week to have it repaired

    By eric on Jun 13, 2010 | Reply

    here is some info

    By eric on Jun 13, 2010 | Reply

    By eric on Jun 13, 2010 | Reply
  48. I fixed my drain by following your instructions and solved the problem for 2 years…but recently I notice some water again in the front seat…so when I received the recall notice last month I made an ment my VW dealer. I pulled out the tubing before I brought my car to the dealer and a bunch of trapped water loaded with muck came out,…. nonetheless I left my car in for the recall repairs and all they did was cut the nipple tips! That is what they mean by “modify” ??? I tried to explain that I thought the drain in my Jetta was faulty or torn because I get a lot of water in my car but they insisted that my drains were fine, even though there was water on my floor?? I was hesitant to explain that I had repaired it myself and that they didn’t know what they were saying, but they said the recall did not involve opening the drains to check for damage…all they do is pour water down the hole and if it comes out it is fine and not disconnected….I couldn’t win so i just came home and replaced my homemade tubing!! Any advice here?

    By Buffy on Jun 15, 2010 | Reply

    By alan B on Oct 21, 2010 | Reply
  50. I also have the leaking floor issue, but has anyone had the leaking floor and the windows, sunroof, door locks and mirrors not working issu? Can this all be a result of the leaking sunroof drain? Can my non-working issues be a home fix also.

    Please help!

    Locked in Linda!

    By Linda R on Oct 28, 2010 | Reply
  51. WOW!
    My daughter got her 2000 GTI from her grandma. Great cute car, but started having leakage issues. Mechanic checked top drainage for obstruction and couldn’t find issue. Kept sun roof closed when not being driven hoping for the best and was fine all summer (of course). This morning water gushing in as she left for school in a down-pour. Turned around and put into garage.
    Just saw your info. and checked it out.
    The drain was dripping very slowly after being in a garage all day and evening. Squeezed the drain nipple and out comes alot of water! Poured about 2 cups total through line, releasing the nipple as water comes through. Seems to have flushed the issue!! Will now check regularly.
    Oh yes, got a ‘recall’ notice and upon inquiring through several channels was told that my VIN was not included in this group!??!
    Thanks for great instructions.

    By K Hollis on Feb 18, 2011 | Reply
  52. this info is HUGE! we have been trying to figure out how to fix this w/out going to the local dealer and getting charged beacoup bucks. hope to put this in motion this weekend; will send an update.
    now, if anyone has any suggestions for replacing a locked up a/c compressor without buying the WHOLE system would be wonderful.

    By mandy on Apr 1, 2011 | Reply
  53. This technique worked like a charm for me. I have a 2002 Passat in which the front right sunroof drain hose had become disconnected. I followed the instruction exactly, fixed the problem and saved a lot of money.



    By Michael Miller on Jul 11, 2011 | Reply
  54. Hi, thanks for the original post. I used a piece of flexi cable but to the same ends. A footnote: I decided to clean out both sides, though one side hadn’t yet resulted in wet carpet syndrome. I did it while it was raining gently and simply squeezed the rubber outlet thingummy/grommet and kind of milked out the sludge which was damp sludgy dust as it was sodden from the rain. I kept on milking and, lo and behold, the water began to run. So, maybe it’s possible to milk out the sludge either as it rains or by pouring water down the drain holes with the sun roof open. Worth a try…

    By Nigel P on Jun 11, 2012 | Reply
  55. Nice

  56. I jut started this fix. I did get the nipple reconnected. I threaded the plastic tube thriugh the sunroof drain hole as far as the nipple. I took the nipple out of the door and pushed the plastic tube through the drian hose about 3 inches. I was ablle to get hold of the plastic tube with a bent coathanger piece & I pulled the plastic tube out of the door. I was able to grab the drain hose and I pulled the plastic tube tight against the opening so that it held the drain hose snug. I put a little vasaline on the inside of the nipple going into the door & twisted the nipple back on to the drain hose & it was back in snug. . I put the nipple back into the door and called it a night.

  57. Hi, I’m having some problems with water gathering in the boot/trunk on my Mk5 GT TDI. Just underneath the light cluster on the right hand side. I can see the water trickling in from above the wheel arch area but can’t see any further because there is a welded panel in the way. I presume it’s the rear sunroof drain that emptys out in to the wheel arch? Do I have to take the wheel arch liner out to inspect the drain? The headlining isn’t wet, it just the boot/trunk area.

    By Bob Mills on Oct 13, 2013 | Reply

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